The pre- and posteruptive effects of fluoride in the caries decline.


:The widespread availability of fluoride from many sources is accepted as a major reason for the caries decline among children in developed countries. There is still controversy, however, about its principal mode of action. This article reviews the evidence on fluoride's preeruptive and posteruptive effects, and suggests reasons for its continuing role in the caries decline. Early fluoridation studies accepted that fluoride acted preruptively through incorporation into developing enamel; but further research could not explain why fluoride levels were not clearly higher in enamel exposed to fluoride, nor why there were no clear correlations between caries experience and enamel fluoride concentration. Instead, considerable evidence suggests that fluoride acts mainly, though not entirely, through posteruptive remineralization of demineralized enamel. Caries experience has declined in nonfluoridated as well as in fluoridated areas, though DMF scores are still consistently lower in fluoridated areas. Posteruptive remineralization effects are seen from fluoridated drinking water as well as with fluoride from other sources. The continuing caries decline, beyond the level suggested by early fluoridation field trials, can be attributed either to more efficient remineralization or to long-term, intraoral ecological change, or to both.


J Public Health Dent


Beltran ED,Burt BA




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