[Secondary glaucomas caused by intraocular epithelial invasion. A clinico-pathologic study of 30 patients].


:The clinical data of 30 eyes with intraocular epithelial invasion were correlated to the histopathological findings (15 iridocyclectomies, four diagnostic iridectomies, one corneal button, ten globes). The diffuse (46.7%) and cystic (53.3%) types occurred with equal frequency. The correlation to the clinical data makes the relationship between the type of epithelial invasion and the pathogenetic mechanism clear: the cystic type occurs more frequently after perforating injuries (nine out of 13 patients), the diffuse type after intraocular surgery (nine out of 14 patients). Sixteen patients with intraocular epithelial ingrowth had secondary glaucoma preoperatively. In this group diffuse epithelial invasion predominates: of 14 patients with the diffuse type 12 had high intraocular pressure, while this was only the case in four out of 16 patients with cystic epithelial invasion. The multifactorial genesis of secondary glaucoma in eyes with epithelial ingrowth in discussed.


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Zagorski Z,Shrestha HG,Lang GK,Naumann GO




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  • [Treatment of malignant lid tumours by intrapalpebral injection of urea (author's transl)].

    abstract::36 malignant tumours of the eyelids (basaliomas, basal-cell carcinomas and squamous-cell carcinomas) have been treated by intrapalpebral injections of a 5% to 25% solution of urea as recommended by E.D. Danopoulos. 1.5 to 3.0 ml of the solutions were injected around the tumours twice per week. Six malignant tumours di...

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  • [Pseudoexfoliation syndrome in patients with retinal vein branch and central vein thrombosis].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Pseudoexfoliation syndrome is a frequent cause of secondary open-angle glaucoma due to deposition and in situ-production of abnormal extracellular matrix proteins in the trabecular meshwork. Glaucomas itself are a known risk factor for retinal vein thrombosis. In this retrospective study the prevalence of ps...

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  • [Specifity of optic disc evaluation in healthy subjects with large optic discs and physiologic cupping using confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy].

    abstract:PURPOSE:Imaging methods of the optic nerve head appear to have an increasing impact in glaucoma diagnosis. The aim of this study is to evaluate the specifity of the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (software version 1.7 and 3.0) in subjects with physiological cupping and large optic discs. PATIENTS AND METHODS:27 eyes of 2...

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  • [Hemicentral retinal artery occlusion due to oral contraceptives].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Low-dose oral contraceptives can still cause thromboembolic disorders with serious neurologic or ocular disabilities. PATIENT:A 22-year-old woman having used oral contraceptives for several months noticed sudden painless visual loss in her left eye. One tablet of her contraceptive contained ethinylestradiol...

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  • [A follow-up study on the intraocular pressure response of timolol eye drops (author's transl)].

    abstract::In 22 open-angle glaucoma patients a total of 39 eyes were treated with Timolol 0.25% twice daily for an average period of 12.6 months. The relative intraocular pressure decrease at the beginning of the study was 47% of the untreated pressure level. This initial response declined to a 23% pressure decrease at the end ...

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  • [The frequency of various forms of senile cataract (author's transl)].

    abstract::On classifying 1000 senile cataracts it was found that in pure cataract forms - starting from the cortex - the typical grey senile cataract (cataracta supranuclearis) mostly occurs with a clear nucleus. The dense permeability cataract (cataracta subcapsularis) most frequently shows a dense grey clouding of the nucleus...

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  • [The "Ring Test" for evaluating eye dominance].

    abstract::A horizontal diplopia is produced with prisms whose bases are nasal or temporal. The subject has to fixate a circle, now seen double, alternately with his left and right eye and touch the center of the circle with a finger. Of one hundred subjects thus examined, 85 located the circle accurately every time when the one...

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  • [The metabolic regulation of the retinal blood flow and the role of prostaglandins (author's transl)].

    abstract::The microioptophoretic injection of PGE1 close to the retinal arterioles procedures a segmental vasodilatation of 40%. The inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis with indomethacin or aspirin blocks the vasodilatatory effect of hypercapnia and, to a lesser extent, of hypoxia. These results suggest that prostaglandins pl...

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  • [Intrastromal keratorhexis with the Nd:YAG laser--a possible method of refractive surgery?].

    abstract::A new method of refractive corneal surgery is presented. With the q-switched Nd:YAG-laser Visulas (Zeiss-Oberkochen) we succeed in altering the optical power of the cornea of rabbits, pigs and humans. The number of applied laser spots and the distribution pattern influence the way and the amount of change of refractio...

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  • [Ocular involvement in Whipple disease].

    abstract::PATIENTS AND METHODS We present a 57-year-old white man with progressive deterioration of vision, who had a prolonged history of weakness, migratory arthralgias and loss of weight. Bilateral panuveitis, with iritis, inflammatory vitreous opacities associated with small, round, grayish retinal lesions. The duodenum sho...

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  • [Clinical applications of molecular diagnosis of retinoblastoma ain 15 families].

    abstract:PURPOSE:In 40% retinoblastoma (Rb) results from a hereditary mutation of the Rb susceptibility gene (RB1). In this study, we tested the usefulness of intragenic DNA analysis for ophthalmologic follow-up in affected families. METHODS:Molecular analysis was performed on 103 DNA samples of 15 Rb families. We used 7 intra...

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  • [Anti VEGF Therapy Under Real-Life Conditions: Adherance Determines Long Term Outcome in Neovascular AMD].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Data from real-life studies on neovascular AMD (nvAMD) generally fall significantly behind respective data from interventional prospective trials. This can be attributed at least partially to differences in patient cohorts concerning both stages of AMD (including consecutive scarring or atrophy), as well as ...

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  • [Treatment of therapy resistant congenital postsaccular lacrimal duct stenosis with the flexible indwelling catheter].

    abstract::A flexible silicone-rubber suturamide retention tube, the procedure of intubation and special instruments for the repair of persistent congenital nasolacrimal duct obstructions are described. The results of the treatment of 8 infants are discussed. With the exception of one functional failure, the very good results ar...

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  • [Hemianopsias in cortical and subcortical lesions of the visual system: what is the difference?].

    abstract::The neuronal correlate of perception in the visual area remains unimpaired in lesions of the optic tracts or the radiatio optica. Hemianopsias due to lesions of these pathways are perceived immediately. On the contrary, hemianopsias due to a lesion of the visual cortex are not perceived or are only indirectly realized...

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  • [Lidloading and intraocular pressure].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Implantation of rigid gold or platinum lid weights (lidloading) represents the most common method for therapy of patients with lagophthalmus as a result of facial palsy. In a more recent approach also flexible platinum chains have been used. Glaucoma has frequently been described as a contraindication for li...

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  • [Corneal endothelial cell density following strabismus surgery].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The short-term impact of eye muscle surgery on the blood-aqueous barrier has been described by iris fluoresceinangiography and laser tyndallometry. The aim of this study was to investigate the long-term effects of eye muscle surgery on the oxygen supply of the anterior segment of the eye by determination of ...

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  • [Juvenile cataract associated with microcornea and glucosuria: a new syndrome].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Predisposition is responsible for approximately 50% of age-related cataracts. Investigation of inherited forms of cataract provides the opportunity to identify the genes that may play a role in age-related cataract as well. PATIENTS AND METHODS:We describe the phenotype of a Swiss family with juvenile catar...

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  • [IOL power calculation after refractive surgery].

    abstract::Cataract surgery is evolving more and more into a refractive procedure with high expectations in terms of visual rehabilitation. Especially patients presenting after previous Excimer laser corneal surgery are used to being independent from glasses. Unfortunately, some of these patients showed unexpected hyperopic surp...

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  • [Photocoagulation of age-related juxtapapillary choroidal neovascularisation].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The aim of this study was to evaluate retrospectively the clinical outcome of retinal photocoagulation of age-related juxtapapillary choroidal neovascularisation (CNV) with macular oedema. Juxtapapillary CNV represents a rare form of extrafoveal CNV in age-related macular degeneration (AMD). PATIENTS AND ME...

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  • [Histopathological aspects of the surgical treatment of congenital glaucoma].

    abstract::Two tissue specimens obtained by trabeculectomy from infant eyes with different reactive changes in their chamber angles due to previous trabeculotomies are described and discussed. Both eyes had been operated on glaucoma for several times. In the first case, the trabeculotomy had resulted in the formation of laminar ...

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  • Spontaneous orbital haemorrhage into the lateral rectus muscle.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Spontaneous orbital haemorrhage can occur at any age. The clinical presentation is often dramatic with acute painful proptosis and nausea. Vision may be severely impaired. HISTORY AND SIGNS:A 77 years old lady woke up with sudden retroocular pain, diplopia and proptosis. Her blood pressure was 235 / 95 mmHg...

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  • [Laser treatment of diabetic maculopathy].

    abstract::The authors report on the techniques of laser treatment of diabetic maculopathy: focal direct laser coagulation of I.R.M.A. in exudative maculopathy; laser grid photocoagulation in edematous maculopathy. ...

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  • [Rehabilitation of patients with retinal disease (author's transl)].

    abstract::Report on a catamnestic study which attempted to follow up patients who had undergone successful surgery for retinal detachment. A striking finding was that, even today, the vast majority of doctors discourage strenuous physical activity and sport. One of the reasons for this seems to be the discussion concerning the ...

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  • [Intraocular pressure values in intubation anesthesia in patients with and without chronic open angle glaucoma].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A number of clinical studies have investigated the influence of hypnotics and relaxants on intraocular pressure. All of them referred to the normal eye. Our goal was to show if there is a difference in intraocular pressure profile during general anesthesia between eyes with and without primary open angle gla...

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  • [Occurrence of diffusions shown by fluorescence angiography of the laser coagulation in animals (author's transl)].

    abstract::Laser treated rat fundi were observed angiographically and with the fluorescence microscope for 3 months. Angiographically diffusions have been observable up to about one week post laser, fluorescence microscopically, however, for the whole observation time of 3 months. From the 2nd week, these diffusions were produce...

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  • [Fusion amplitude and aniseikonia. Experimental studies of aniseikonia tolerance in unilateral aphakia].

    abstract::The fusion amplitude of image pairs with aniseikonia was measured using the synoptophore. Aniseikonia was produced in five subjects by alteration of slide drawings. The subject's right eye was in cycloplegia after paralysis with cycloplegic eye drops. To compare these measurements with aniseikonic pictures to those us...

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  • [Suitability of resorbable sutures in the treatment of corneal wounds].

    abstract::In a series of cataract operations with a corneal incision PDS 10-0 absorbable sutures were tested. In contrast to deeper PDS sutures, such as are used in corneoscleral incisions, the corneal sutures opened as early as between 13 and 30 days postoperatively in 5 out of 7 cases. Postoperative irritation was more severe...

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    authors: Faulborn J,Gülececk O

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  • [Management of periorbital and orbital infections].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Infections of the orbit and of the periorbital region are not uncommon. Even today they constitute a serious problem, in spite of modern antibiotic treatment, with a potential risk of lethal complications. Orbital infections are most prevalent in children and adolescents. The acute orbit has many causes, but...

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    authors: Knipping S,Bloching M

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  • [Clinical problems of different forms of heterochromie(author's transl)].

    abstract::The causes of hypo- and hyperchromic heterochromia were analysed in 94 patients. The hypochromic forms were the commonest, especially the Fuchs-Herrenschwandt heterochromia, and heterochromia simplex. Also after degenerative diseases and accidents appears almost exclusively hypochromic heterochromia. Causes of hyperch...

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    authors: Pietruschka G,Priess G

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  • [Ocular changes in MELAS syndrome].

    abstract::The present paper reports on the clinical findings of a 34-year-old male patient with MELAS syndrome. MELAS syndrome (mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis and strokelike episodes) belongs to a group of syndromes called mitochondrial encephalomyopathies that are characterized by changes of the mitochondrial...

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