Lens transmission and autofluorescence in renal disease.


:Autofluorescence and transmission values of the lens for blue-green light were determined at two locations with the use of identical fluorophotometers: in Coimbra, Portugal, in 44 healthy controls, 15 haemodialysis and 11 renal failure patients, and in Leiden, The Netherlands, in 57 healthy controls, 23 haemodialysis and 47 renal transplant patients. The increase in lens autofluorescence as a function of age was 42% higher in the Portuguese controls than that in the Dutch controls (p less than 0.001), but the lens transmission did not differ significantly (p = 0.21). Significant differences were found between the autofluorescence values of the Portuguese haemodialysis and renal failure patients and those of age-matched local controls (+18%, p = 0.009, and +26%, p = 0.03, respectively), as well as between the lens transmission values of the Portuguese renal failure patients and those of age-matched local controls (-2%, p = 0.03). In the renal transplant patients the average autofluorescence and lens transmission values were equal to those of the local controls (within 3%) and independent of the number of anti-rejection treatments administered.


Ophthalmic Res


Ophthalmic research


van Wirdum E,Mota MC,van Best JA,Leite E,Kappelhof JP,Faria de Abreu JR,Paul LC,Freitas Martins J,Oosterhuis JA,Marques A




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    abstract::Cellular events in the rat conjunctiva were studied at 1, 6 and 24 h following the topical application of leukotriene B4. A significant increase was noted in the number of eosinophils (p less than 0.01) and neutrophils (p less than 0.05) at 1 h and only in eosinophils at 6 h after leukotriene B4 application at the 2-m...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine the effect of placing a pneumatic suction ring on intraocular pressure (IOP) in the cat and to design an improved method to generate a stable elevation of IOP. METHODS:A pneumatic suction ring was applied to the eye in cats while the IOP was monitored. Three groups of animals (10 per group) were u...

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  • Lens fibre cell differentiation - A link with apoptosis?

    abstract::During the process of terminal differentiation, the fibre cells in the eye lens undergo many changes that are reminiscent of apoptotic/necrotic changes. Mitochondria, for instance, undergo permeability transition and nuclear degradation is accompanied by chromatin condensation, disintegration of the nucleolus, dissolu...

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  • A new noncontact tonometer using corneal photoelasticity: porcine eye study.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To propose a new noncontact tonometer based on corneal photoelasticity. METHOD:In this study, we experimented with 18 enucleated porcine eyes. The anterior chamber was infused with a physiological solution. A circular polarizing filter was attached to an ophthalmic surgical microscope. Color fringe changes at ...

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