Utility of fine needle aspiration cytology to diagnose intraoral tuberculosis and other oral granulomatous lesions.


OBJECTIVE:Tuberculosis (TB) is a common granulomatous disease leading to high morbidity and mortality worldwide. Though rare, oral tuberculosis (OTB) may manifest during the primary and/or secondary stages of the illness. We studied the manifestations and incidence of oral granulomatous lesions (OGL) and OTB diagnosed on fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC). STUDY DESIGN:In this retrospective study, we present a review of 149 cases of benign and inflammatory lesions of oral mucosa diagnosed between 2008 and 2016. RESULT:Of the 280 oral FNAC performed during the 9 y study period, 149 cases were diagnosed as benign and inflammatory lesions among which 12 (4.3%) showed granulomatous lesions. Four out of 12 cases were diagnosed as OTB. One (0.011%) was a case of Primary OTB with no associated pulmonary or extrapulmonary manifestations of TB and three had associated lymphadenopathy including one with pulmonary TB. Per the clinical records, all four patients responded well to anti tubercular treatment (ATT) rendered under directly observed treatment short course (DOTS) supervision with regular visits and monitoring. CONCLUSIONS:Although oral mucosal TB is a rare presentation, clinicians and pathologists need to consider it early in the differential diagnosis of primary and secondary oral mucosal lesions. Such patients should be further evaluated for pulmonary TB and tuberculous lymphadenitis.


Diagn Cytopathol


Diagnostic cytopathology


Agarwal R,Singh M,Sharma S,Jaiswal A,Jain SL,Khurana N,Meher R




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  • FNA diagnosis of a metastatic papillary thyroid carcinoma arising from a previously unknown follicular variant of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma.

    abstract::While metastatic tumors to bone or lymph nodes from previously known primaries are often successfully diagnosed via fine-needle aspiration (FNA), a metastatic deposit in a patient with no previously known cancer may pose a diagnostic dilemma. Here, we present a case of metastatic papillary thyroid carcinoma that prese...

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  • Intraoperative cytologic diagnosis of granulomas: a retrospective study of 156 cases.

    abstract::To avoid contamination of equipment and reduce risks of infection, intraoperative cytology (IOC) is a useful substitute to conventional frozen section in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. One of the various histomorphologic patterns of infections is the granuloma, which sometimes may be difficult to diagnose cytol...

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  • Primary pulmonary Hodgkin's lymphoma: a rare pitfall in transthoracic fine needle aspiration cytology.

    abstract::Primary pulmonary Hodgkin's lymphoma (PPHL) is extremely rare. At an extranodal location such as the lung this lymphoma is likely to be confused with the more commonly occurring carcinomas at this site. We report the fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) findings of a PPHL in a 36-year-old male with a view to discuss...

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  • Aspiration cytodiagnosis of amyloid from vitreous fluid.

    abstract::Amyloidosis of the vitreous body is a rare disorder that causes progressive visual loss. In this report, a 36-yr-old female with familial amyloidosis is described in whom a progressive reduction of vision in both eyes over the last 4 yr was ascribed to vitreous opacities due to amyloid. A left pars plana vitrectomy wa...

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