Cyst formation in gastric heterotopic pancreas: report of two cases.


:Cyst formation is an uncommon pathologic finding in heterotopic pancreas. It is sometimes reported in a duodenal location but very rarely in a gastric location and leads to very large lesions of unusual endoscopic and radiographic appearance. Two cases of gastric heterotopic pancreas are described in which cystic zones in the gastric wall were found at preoperative ultrasound or computed tomography.






Claudon M,Verain AL,Bigard MA,Boissel P,Poisson P,Floquet J,Regent D




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1988-12-01 00:00:00












  • Virtual Unenhanced Dual-Energy CT Images Obtained with a Multimaterial Decomposition Algorithm: Diagnostic Value for Renal Mass and Urinary Stone Evaluation.

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  • Percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation based on rapid prototyping of right ventricular outflow tract and pulmonary trunk from MR data.

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  • Bronchopulmonary sequestration: CT assessment.

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  • Aggressive Intrasegmental Recurrence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Radiofrequency Ablation: Risk Factors and Clinical Significance.

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  • Economic and cost-effectiveness investigations of radiologic practices.

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  • Case 256: Breast Implant-associated Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma.

    abstract::History A 57-year-old woman presented with right breast swelling and enlargement and a palpable mass in the right lower inner breast. There was no history of fever, trauma, skin redness, or nipple discharge. The patient had a history of breast augmentation, with retropectoral silicone implants placed 2.5 years ago. Sc...


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  • Diagnostic ultrasound exposure in man.

    abstract::In his review of the AAPM statement on ultrasound, the author feels that allowing "some" research or demonstration on normal persons in the face of cautionary statements on as yet unknown side effects is an inconsistent position. The use of videotapes and the development of simulators hacked by data banks are offered...


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  • Endothelial cell biology.

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  • Influence of image acquisition parameters on CT artifacts and polyp depiction in spiral CT colonography: in vitro evaluation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To quantify the effects of spiral computed tomographic (CT) acquisition parameters on the magnitude of three-dimensional (3D) rippling artifacts and polyp depiction. MATERIALS AND METHODS:An in vitro colon phantom was constructed with air-filled acrylic cylinders that contained synthetic polyps of 3-13 mm. The...


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  • Linearity of exposure with indicated time and current for diagnostic radiography units.

    abstract::Quality control in diagnostic radiography begins with production of predictable exposures. The authors describe a technique which permits determination of the variation of mR/mAs for the entire diagnostic range of times and currents in only about 1 hour. The mR/mAs in newly installed units has been shown to vary by as...


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  • Elbow US: Anatomy, Variants, and Scanning Technique.

    abstract::As with other musculoskeletal joints, elbow ultrasonography (US) depends on the examination technique. Deep knowledge of the relevant anatomy, such as the bone surface anatomy, tendon orientation, nerves, and vessels, is crucial for diagnosis. It is important to be aware of the primary imaging pitfalls related to US t...


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  • Analysis of brain and cerebrospinal fluid volumes with MR imaging: impact on PET data correction for atrophy. Part II. Aging and Alzheimer dementia.

    abstract::A new, computerized segmentation technique, in which magnetic resonance (MR) imaging produces accurate volumetric measurements of brain and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) without the limitations of computed tomography, was used in a retrospective analysis of digitized T2-weighted MR images of 16 healthy elderly control sub...


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  • Prenatally detected fetal myelomeningocele: is karyotype analysis warranted?

    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine the prevalence of karyotype abnormalities in fetuses with prenatally detected spina bifida and evaluate the ability of prenatal sonography to enable prediction of chromosomal abnormalities. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Sonograms from 63 fetuses with prenatally detected spina bifida were reviewed, and ass...


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  • Computed tomography in cerebral abscess.

    abstract::Computed tomography (CT) scans of 9 surgically proved cases of cerebral abscess were reviewed. The CT characteristics were studied, as were the postoperative scans. Also assessed were the contributions to the diagnosis of the clinical features, plain radiographic examinations, radionuclide imaging, and angiography. Th...


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  • Cerebral circulation after cardiac arrest. Angiographic and carbon black perfusion studies.

    abstract::Cardiac arrest of 2-15 minutes was induced in 14 dogs. When circulatory arrest lasted longer than 5 minutes, abnormal cerebral angiographic findings were seen 3-4 hours after resuscitation, consisting of (a) marked prolongation of the arterial phase in both intracranial and extracranial arteries, and (b) faint (poor) ...


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  • Hypoplastic posterior arch of C-1 in children with Down syndrome: a double jeopardy.

    abstract::Radiographs of 38 children with Down syndrome (aged 2-3 years) were retrospectively evaluated for hypoplasia of the posterior arch of the C-1 vertebra. The anteroposterior dimensions of the posterior arch of C-1 were measured and compared with those of an age- and sex-matched control group. The posterior arches of C-2...


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  • Radionuclide angiography in evaluation of chemodectomas of the jugular glomus.

    abstract::Clinical, radiographic, and radionuclide angiographic findings of three cases of jugular glomic tumor associated with hearing loss are discussed. In one case computed tomographic findings are discussed. It is concluded that radioisotopic techniques may be useful in diagnosis and follow-up of this tumor. ...


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  • Seminal vesicles: biopsy-related hemorrhage simulating tumor invasion at endorectal MR imaging.

    abstract::The diagnosis of seminal vesicle invasion by prostatic carcinoma is based on observation of foci of relatively decreased signal intensity on T2-weighted magnetic resonance (MR) images. Similar findings were observed in the absence of tumor invasion in nine patients who had recently undergone prostatic needle biopsy. N...


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  • Recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma: percutaneous radiofrequency ablation after hepatectomy.

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  • Duodenum and duodenal-jejunal junction in children: position and appearance after liver transplantation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To correlate upper gastrointestinal study findings of the position of the duodenum and duodenal-jejunal junction in children after liver transplantation with transplant type, age at transplantation, indication for transplantation, and history of surgery or malrotation. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Upper gastrointesti...


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    authors: Benya EC,Ben-Ami TE,Whitington PF,Alonso EM,Millis JM,Yousefzadeh DK

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  • Adhesive capsulitis of the wrist: arthrographic diagnosis.

    abstract::Persistent pain and decreased range of motion are disabling complications of wrist trauma. Between 1978 and 1986, in ten patients with persistent pain following trauma, arthrography depicted changes characteristic of adhesive capsulitis. Adhesive capsulitis has been described in the shoulder, hip, and ankle, but littl...


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  • A calcified adenocarcinoma of the lung with very high CT numbers.

    abstract::A case is reported of a man with a solitary pulmonary nodule that had an average CT number of 366 HU. Biopsy of the lesion demonstrated a primary adenocarcinoma of the lung with diffuse calcification. It is concluded that high CT numbers of solitary nodules do not ensure a benign lesion. ...


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  • Physical and clinical evaluation of new high-strip-density radiographic grids.

    abstract::The imaging performance of new high-strip-density (HSD) grids having 57 lines/cm was compared with that of conventional low-strip-density (LSD) grids having 33 or 40 lines/cm. The unique advantage of HSD grids is that, under most standard radiographic conditions, the grid lines are not noticeable on the final image, e...


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  • Treated thymic lymphoma: comparison of MR imaging with CT.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine the appearance of treated thymic lymphoma at magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and to compare the results with findings from posttherapy computed tomography (CT) and clinical outcome. MATERIALS AND METHODS:MR images and CT scans in 25 patients with thymic lymphoma were reviewed. Dimensions of residu...


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  • Aortic and hepatic enhancement and tumor-to-liver contrast: analysis of the effect of different concentrations of contrast material at multi-detector row helical CT.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To investigate the effect of different iodine concentrations of contrast material on aortic and hepatic enhancement and the detectability of hypervascular hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) with multi-detector row computed tomography (CT) and a uniphasic contrast material injection technique. MATERIALS AND METHODS...


    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,随机对照试验


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  • Hemochromatosis of the pituitary gland: MR imaging.

    abstract::Magnetic resonance imaging of the pituitary gland in a patient with secondary hemochromatosis is described. On T1-weighted images, the anterior lobe had almost no signal intensity, and only the high-signal posterior lobe was seen. These findings are compatible with the distribution of iron deposition and clinical symp...


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  • Retrosomatic clefts: computed tomographic appearance.

    abstract::A case of bilateral clefts in the pedicles of the L1 vertebra, diagnosed by computed tomography, is presented. The differentiation from other clefts located laterally in the neural arch is briefly summarized, and the possible origin of this entity is discussed. It is improbable that the clefts represent persistent neu...


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  • Depiction of diaphragmatic muscle slips on supine plain radiographs: a sign of pneumoperitoneum.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To describe the diaphragm muscle slip sign, a previously unreported finding of pneumoperitoneum on plain radiographs. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Diaphragmatic muscle slips were observed on supine plain abdominal (n = 6) or recumbent frontal chest (n = 3) radiographs in nine patients. Computed tomographic (CT) confi...


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  • Hemodialysis catheter placement and management.

    abstract::Hemodialysis catheters are an integral part of the delivery of hemodialysis. While catheters play an important role in the patient undergoing hemodialysis, catheters should be considered a bridge to more permanent forms of dialysis access in most patients. Recent advances in catheter technology, access techniques, and...


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