Ocular Considerations in Face Transplantation: Report of 2 Cases and Review of the Literature.


PURPOSE:Periorbital injuries are common in face transplantation (FT) candidates. It is therefore essential that the ophthalmologist play a central role in the multidisciplinary treatment of these patients. In this study, the authors perform a comprehensive review of all procedures involving periorbital components, provide an update for the ophthalmology community regarding the current state of the field, and present 2 cases. METHODS:A comprehensive review of the literature for all FT procedures including periorbital components was performed. The authors also present 2 patients who received FT including periorbital components for extensive facial disfigurement. One patient sustained high-energy avulsive ballistic injury and underwent a total face, double jaw, and tongue transplant in 2012. The second patient received a total face, eyelids, ears, and skeletal subunits transplant for extensive facial burns in 2015. RESULTS:Literature review demonstrated that 22 (54%) of the 41 patients undergoing FT received allografts containing periorbital components. Only 14 cases (64%) reported on the presence of ocular and periocular complications. The most common complications consisted of lower eyelid ectropion and lagophthalmos, and nearly all required revisional procedures. Both patients presented with significant periorbital scarring and demonstrated good visual acuity and aesthetic outcomes at postoperative follow up between 6 and 28 months. CONCLUSIONS:Face transplantation can address extensive facial and periorbital disfigurement with satisfactory functional and aesthetic outcomes. The majority of FT performed to date have included periorbital components, and postoperative ocular and periocular complications are common. It is critical for ophthalmologists to play a central role in the care of these patients.


Greenfield JA,Kantar RS,Rifkin WJ,Sosin M,Diaz-Siso JR,Patel P,Fleming JC,Iliff NT,Lee BW,Rodriguez ED




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    abstract:PURPOSE:Injection of corticosteroid into the peritrochlear region is a widely practiced and highly successful treatment option for trochleitis, conventionally using a 25- or 27-gauge needle for the steroid injection. Injection into the vascular-rich peritrochlear region poses a risk, albeit rare, of central retinal art...

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    abstract::We present the results of a pilot study of the use of Nd:Yag laser in the removal of permanent eyeliner tattoos. Fourteen eyelids were treated, and in all cases a reduction in pigmentation was achieved although responses were variable. The advantages of such therapy over existing techniques are described. The techniqu...

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