Prognostic factors of budesonide therapy for the management of Crohn's disease: A meta-analysis.


BACKGROUND:This study aimed to identify factors that affect the prognosis of budesonide therapy for Crohn's disease patients. METHOD:Change in Crohn's disease activity index (CDAI) scores at latest follow-up after budesonide therapy reported by individual studies were pooled to gain overall effect size under random effects model and then metaregression analyses were performed to identify factors affecting the change in CDAI scores after budesonide treatment. RESULTS:Fifteen studies (1875 patients; age, 35.6 years [95% confidence interval (CI): 34.1, 37.0]; 41.66% [95% CI: 37.44, 45.88] males; 33.3% [95% CI: 24.3, 42.3] smokers; weight, 64.7 kg [95% CI: 62.71 66.6] and height, 168 cm [95% CI: 165, 171]) were included. Disease duration was 7.0 years [95% CI: 5.7, 8.2] and duration of the current episode was 3.1 months [95% CI: 1.7, 4.4]. Proportion of patients with prior resection was 42% [95% CI: 34%, 50%]. The disease was 21% in the ileum, 61% in ileocecum, and 18% in the colon. Budesonide dose was 8.83 mg/d [95% CI: 7.52, 10.14]. In a follow-up duration of 21.0 weeks [95% CI: 15.2, 26.8], budesonide treatment was associated with improvement in CDAI score of -117.8 [95% CI: -134.0, -102.0]. The magnitude of the change in CDAI score at the latest follow-up was significantly inversely associated with the percentage of smokers, but positively associated with the baseline CDAI score and duration of the current episode. CONCLUSION:Budesonide therapy to Crohn's disease patients appears to be more effective in patients with the more serious condition. Smoking may also affect the prognosis.


J Cell Biochem


Li Y,Meng X,Duan X,Tang T,He C,Li Y




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