Neospora caninum cytoplasmic dynein LC8 light chain 2 (NcDYNLL2) is differentially produced by pathogenically distinct isolates and regulates the host immune response.


:Neospora caninum is the causative agent of bovine neosporosis. A N. caninum cytoplasmic dynein LC8 light chain (NcDYNLL) protein was characterized in this study. Cytoplasmic dyneins, including DYNLLs, belong to the microtubule minus-end-directed motor proteins and are involved in many cellular processes. Previous microarray studies revealed that NcDYNLL was downregulated in the non-pathogenic clone, Ncts-8, when compared with the wild-type NC1 isolate. The present study showed that DYNLLs from different species are highly conserved (>85% identity), and the NcDYNLL belongs to the DYNLL2 family. NcDYNLL2 and Toxoplasma gondii DYNLL2 have identical amino acid sequences, although they are slightly divergent at the genetic level (89% identity). NcDYNLL2 was cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli and purified. NcDYNLL2 was identified in soluble and insoluble fractions of tachyzoite lysate. As expected, soluble NcDYNLL2 was lower in the Ncts-8 lysate when compared with that of NC1 isolate. NcDYNLL2 release by the tachyzoites was low; however, it was increased when tachyzoites were treated with either calcium ionophore or ethanol. The data indicate that NcDYNLL2 may be actively secreted at low levels, but the secretion was upregulated by agents that also augment microneme protein secretions. Immunostaining of NcDYNLL2 in isolated and intracellular Neospora tachyzoites showed a diffuse distribution pattern. Furthermore, rNcDYNLL2 was internalized by the host immune cells and stimulated tumour necrosis factor-α) and interleukin-12 (IL-12) production by murine dendritic cells. Taken together, these results suggest that NcDYNLL2 is a secretory protein that cross-regulates host immunity.






Cao L,Fetterer R,Qu G,Zhang X,Tuo W




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