Obestatin Reduces Intestinal Damage in Experimental Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Newborn Rats.


OBJECTIVE:To investigate the effect of pretreatment with obestatin (OB), an endogenous hormone also found in mother's milk, in experimental necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). STUDY DESIGN:Pups were randomized into four groups: control, OB-control, NEC, and OB-NEC. NEC was induced by asphyxia and hypothermia in the NEC and OB-NEC groups. OB was administered to the OB-control and OB-NEC groups. Macroscopic scoring of the intestinal tract was evaluated and tissue samples were obtained for histopathological and biochemical examination on the fourth day. RESULTS:OB improved the macroscopic appearance of the gut and the clinical score during the experiment (p  <  0.05). The rate of occurrence of NEC in the OB-NEC group was lower than the NEC group (p  =  0.001). OB prevented necrosis and reduced the number of apoptotic cells in the OB-NEC group compared with the NEC group (p  =  0.006). Furthermore, interleukin-6 and malondialdehyde levels in the OB-NEC group were lower than the NEC group (p  <  0.05). CONCLUSION:OB reduced intestinal damage and prevented necrosis through anti-inflammatory and antiapoptotic effects in experimental NEC. This effect of OB should be confirmed in clinical studies. Furthermore, future research should investigate whether OB plays a role in NEC pathogenesis or NEC is associated with OB levels in the serum and in breast milk.


Am J Perinatol


Korkut S,Özdemir A,Yay AH,Yalçın B,Ceylan M,Korkmaz L,Yazıcı C,Güntürk İ,Kurtoğlu S




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