Study of the atenolol degradation using a Nb/BDD electrode in a filter-press reactor.


:The present paper deals with the atenolol (ATL) degradation by advanced anodic oxidation using a boron-doped diamond anode supported on niobium (Nb/BDD). Cyclic voltammetry performed on this electrode revealed that it presents a high quality (diamond-sp3/sp2-carbon ratio), high potential for OER and that ATL can be oxidized directly and/or indirectly by the electrogenerated oxidants, such as hydroxyl radicals, persulfate ions and sulfate radicals. Electrolysis experiments demonstrated that ATL degradation and mineralization follow a mixed (first and zero) order kinetics depending on the applied current density. At high applied current densities, the amount of OH radicals is very high and the overall reaction is limited by the transport of ATL (pseudo first-order kinetics) whereas for low applied current densities, the rate of OH radicals generation at the anode is slower than the rate of arrival of ATL molecules (pseudo-zero order kinetics). Estimated values of kzero and kfirst based on the assumption of pseudo-zero or pseudo-first order kinetics were carried oud as a function of the supporting electrolyte concentration, indicating that both parameters increased with its concentration due the higher production of sulfate reactive species that play an important role in degradation. Finally, MCE increased with the decrease of current density, due to the lower amount of OH present in solution, since this species could be rapidly wasted in parasitic reactions; and the increase of sulfate concentration due to the more efficient production of persulfate.






Arenhart Heberle AN,García-Gabaldón M,Ortega EM,Bernardes AM,Pérez-Herranz V




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2019-12-01 00:00:00












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    abstract::This study determined and evaluated the estrogenic potentials on hepatic vitellogenin gene (vtg1) of adult male zebrafish which were exposed to low level concentrations (ng/L-μg/L levels) of individual and binary mixtures of 17β-estradiol (E2), bisphenol A (BPA) and nonylphenol (NP) through the use of reduced life exp...


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