Reversible and the irreversible structural alterations on brain after resolution of hypercortisolism in Cushing's disease.


:The adverse effects of hypercortisolism on the human brain have been highlighted in previous studies of Cushing's disease (CD). However, the reversibility of brain damage after the resolution of hypercortisolism remains unclear. Thus, we studied the potential volumetric reversibility in biochemically remitted CD patients. Cross-sectional analysis demonstrated the active CD patients (n = 61) had the smallest gray matter (GM) volumes (553.33 ± 45.90 CM3) among four groups. While the GM volumes of short-term remitted CD patients (586.62 ± 46.89 CM3, n = 28) and long-term remitted CD patients (596.58 ± 45.95 CM3, n = 35) were between those of the active CD patients and healthy control subjects (628.14 ± 46.88 CM3, n = 74). Moreover, significant positive correlations between remitted time and GM volumes were only found in short-term remitted CD patients. On the contrary, the alterations of white matter (WM) in CD patients seem to be independent of concomitant hypercortisolism, persisting after remission. A preliminary longitude analysis also demonstrated similar results. Volumetric reversibility of GM, but not WM is highly prevalent in short-term after resolution of hypercortisolism in Cushing disease. Our study enhances our understanding of the reversible and the irreversible structural alterations in the human brain due to hypercortisolism.






Jiang H,Liu C,Pan SJ,Ren J,He NY,Sun YH,Bian LG,Yan FH,Yang WJ,Sun QF




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