Health in All Policies in South Australia: what has supported early implementation?


:Health in All Policies (HiAP) is a policy development approach that facilitates intersectoral responses to addressing the social determinants of health and health equity whilst, at the same time, contributing to policy priorities across the various sectors of government. Given that different models of HiAP have been implemented in at least 16 countries, there is increasing interest in how its effectiveness can be optimized. Much of the existing literature on HiAP remains descriptive, however, and lacks critical, empirically informed analyses of the elements that support implementation. Furthermore, literature on HiAP, and intersectoral action more generally, provides little detail on the practical workings of policy collaborations. This paper contributes empirical findings from a multi-method study of HiAP implementation in South Australia (SA) between 2007 and 2013. It considers the views of public servants and presents analysis of elements that have supported, and impeded, implementation of HiAP in SA. We found that HiAP has been implemented in SA using a combination of interrelated elements. The operation of these elements has provided a strong foundation, which suggests the potential for HiAP to extend beyond being an isolated strategy, to form a more integrated and systemic mechanism of policy-making. We conclude with learnings from the SA experience of HiAP implementation to inform the ongoing development and implementation of HiAP in SA and internationally.


Health Promot Int


Delany T,Lawless A,Baum F,Popay J,Jones L,McDermott D,Harris E,Broderick D,Marmot M




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