A prospective study of elderly general surgical patients: II. Post-operative complications.


:A prospective study was carried out on 288 general surgical patients aged 65 years and over. Over 40% of patients suffered no post-operative complication. The commonest post-operative problem was respiratory, with 17% of patients having simple atelectasis, 12% acute bronchitis and 10% pneumonia. Six per cent of patients developed post-operative heart failure and/or myocardial infarction. Delirium was noted post-operatively in 7% of patients, and new focal neurological signs in 1%. The post-operative hospital fatality rate was 5% (4% when deaths due to carcinomatosis were excluded). Nine patients out of ten spent less than a month in hospital. The relation of post-operative morbidity and mortality to seven factors was examined: type of surgery, urgency of surgery, urgency of admission, age, number of pre-operative medical diagnoses, American Society of Anesthetists' grade, and pre-operative mobility level. It appears that pre-operative medical fitness rather than chronological age is the main determinant of post-operative outcome in the elderly surgical patient.


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  • Prevention of adverse drug reactions in hospitalized older patients with multi-morbidity and polypharmacy: the SENATOR* randomized controlled clinical trial.

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  • Orthostatic hypotension in an octogenarian--an unusual presentation.

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  • Immunogenicity of inactivated influenza vaccine in residential homes for elderly people.

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  • The place of the specialist home for the elderly mentally infirm in the care of mentally disturbed old people.

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  • The levodopa test in Parkinson's disease.

    abstract::The clinical diagnosis of Parkinson's disease may be difficult. In elderly patients there may be other causes of the triad of rigidity, bradykinesia and tremor. This study was designed to assess whether a single levodopa challenge could predict dopa responsiveness in patients with Parkinson's disease. Twenty-two of 27...

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  • The role of cortical bone and its microstructure in bone strength.

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  • Effect of music-based multitask training on cognition and mood in older adults.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:in a secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial, we investigated whether 6 months of music-based multitask training had beneficial effects on cognitive functioning and mood in older adults. METHODS:134 community-dwellers aged ≥65 years at increased risk for falling were randomly assigned to either ...

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  • The effect of inpatient respite care on elderly patients and their carers.

    abstract::Fifty-eight carers and their dependents who received inpatient respite care were studied before and during the admission period. Although there was no observable improvement in the carers' emotional well-being the majority of the patients showed an improvement in functioning, particularly those who were being looked a...

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  • Dual-task effects of talking while walking on velocity and balance following a stroke.

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  • Missed diagnosis of pulmonary embolism with age-adjusted d-dimer cut-off value.

    abstract::Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a potentially severe diagnosis with high short-term mortality. Recently, age-adjusted cut-off values (age × 10 μg/l) of D-dimer were introduced to improve the diagnostic workup in older patients. In clinical practice, PE is considered 'ruled out' in patients with a non-high clinical probabil...

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  • The problems of motor neurone disease.

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  • Reappraising 'the good death' for populations in the age of ageing.

    abstract::This is the second in an occasional series of paired commentaries in Age and Ageing, the Journal of the British Geriatrics Society and the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS). The aim is to address issues of current significance and to foster dialogue and increased understanding between academics and cli...

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  • Older people in accident and emergency departments.

    abstract::Older people attend accident and emergency departments more frequently than younger people. However, most assessments indicate that this higher level of use is appropriate and is the result of more serious injury and illness among this population. Older patients discharged from accident and emergency departments are f...

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  • A population-based study of sensorimotor factors affecting gait in older people.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:the study of factors associated with age-related gait decline may assist in developing methods to preserve mobility in older people. OBJECTIVE:to examine the associations between sensorimotor factors relevant to ageing and gait in the general older population. DESIGN:cross-sectional population-based study....

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