Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy: review of the first 100 cases at the Kidney Stone Center of Southeast Georgia.


:We reviewed the first 100 consecutive patients treated with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) at one institution. A total of 115 treatments were delivered to 58 men and 42 women. Patients with calculi of various sizes were treated and compared for (1) length of hospitalization, (2) ancillary procedures, (3) repeat ESWL, (4) obstructive complications, (5) parenteral analgesic requirements, and (6) stone-free rate. Patients were grouped according to calculus length. Group A consisted of 76 patients with calculi totaling less than 3 cm. Group B contained 24 patients with calculi totaling more than 3 cm. In group A, 96% required a single ESWL procedure. Hospitalization averaged two days, and none had obstructive complications; 33% required no parenteral analgesics. In group B, 58% received a single ESWL treatment, whereas 88% required ancillary procedures. Results showed extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy to be effective treatment of urinary calculi measuring less than 3 cm. Larger calculi required combinations of ESWL with other endourologic treatment.


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Southern medical journal


Kraebber DM,Torres SA




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    abstract::Maffucci's syndrome in a 17-year-old girl is reported. Since the entity was first described in 1881 by Maffucci, 105 additional cases have been recorded. Several series have reported a small but significant percentage of cases (up to 18%) with malignant change. Our case, although not particularly unique in comparison ...

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