Spectrophotometric characterization of dissolved organic matter in a rural watershed: the Madon River (N-E France).


:In the last 20 years, increasing dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentrations have been observed in several rivers and lakes in Europe. This increase has reduced the quality of the aquatic environment. In this study, UV-vis spectroscopy and synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy with a difference of 50 nm between the excitation and emission (SF50) were used to characterize the DOC in a rural river (Madon River). The specific absorbance index at 254 nm (SUVA254) which is related to the aromaticity of DOC was extracted from UV-vis spectra, whose maximum of the second derivative (occurring near 225 nm) is related to nitrates. SF50 spectra which are characterized by well-defined peaks indicated large spatial and temporal variations. Two methods were used to analyze and compare these spectra. The first method was based on the decomposition of the SF50 spectra into four Gauss functions: B1 (related to tryptophan-like fluorescence), B2 and B3 (related to humic substances), and B4 (related to chlorophyll-like substances). The second method was principal components analysis (PCA), which results yielded three principal components that accounted for 95% of the variance. Although PCA enables the consideration of the spectra without making assumptions regarding the number of fluorophores, the results from the decomposition in Gauss function were easier to interpret.


Environ Monit Assess


Assaad A,Pontvianne S,Corriou JP,Pons MN




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2015-04-01 00:00:00












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