Dynamics of behavioral disorders in transgenic mice with modeled Alzheimer's disease.


:Age-related development of behavioral disorders in transgenic mice with modeled Alzheimer's disease carrying V6S3-Tg(APP695)85Dbo Tg(PSENI)85Dbo) genotype was assessed at the age of 7.5, 10 and 20 months in the following tests: open-field, plus maze, T-maze, conditioned passive avoidance response, rotarod, conflict situation with water deprivation, behavioral despair, and arecoline tremor. The main behavioral disorder in transgenic mice at all observation terms was memory impairment in conditioning with positive (but not negative) reinforcement. At the age of 7.5 and 10 months, transgenic mice also showed signs of nonspecific excitement and anxiety, depression-like state, and symptoms of cholinergic deficit. Our results suggest that appropriate age for behavioral tests in studies of effects of potential anti-Alzheimer drugs in transgenic V6S3-Tg(APP695)85Dbo Tg(PSENI)85Dbo) mice is 7.5-10 months.


Bull Exp Biol Med


Semina II,Baichurina AZ,Makarova EA,Leushina AV,Kazakevich ZhV,Gabdrakhmanova MR,Mukhamed'yarov MA,Zefirov AL




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  • Dipeptide Mimetic of the Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Prevents Impairments of Neurogenesis in Stressed Mice.

    abstract::Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) plays the central role in the mechanisms of regulation of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Impairment of these mechanisms is considered as one of the main etiological factors of depression. Dimeric dipeptide mimetic of BDNF loop 4 bis-(N-monosuccinyl-l-seryl-l-lysine) hexameth...

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  • Tenoten in the therapy of patients with moderate cognitive impairment.

    abstract::Tenoten is a new anxiolytic and antidepressant based on antibodies to brain-specific protein S-100B. Experimental studies demonstrated the effect of tenoten on mechanisms of neuronal plasticity and manifestations of higher nervous activity. Tenoten is clinically comparable with amitryptiline, sertraline, and phenazepa...

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