Evolutionary divergence of leaf width and its correlates.


UNLABELLED:• PREMISE OF THE STUDY:The question why leaf dimensions vary so much between species has long puzzled ecologists. Presumably, variation arises from selective forces acting on leaf function but which selective forces and which leaf functions? This investigation assesses the consistency of divergence in plant traits and habitat variables in association with leaf width divergence in the flora of NSW, Australia.• METHODS:More than 80 traits and habitat variables were measured for 25 independent evolutionary divergence events (PICs). Each PIC was represented by two related plant species that had diverged substantially in leaf width. Outgroup species provided indications of the direction of divergence. Most PICs were within genus, so divergences represent relatively recent evolutionary events.• KEY RESULTS:No plant traits or habitat variables were 100% consistently associated with a divergence in leaf width, and surprisingly few diverged in a consistent direction significantly more than what might be expected by chance. This surprising lack of consistent divergence with leaf width contrasted with the result that many of these traits and habitat variables were correlated with leaf width across all species in our data set and in line with correlations reported from other studies. Subcategorizing PICs according to the probable direction of leaf width divergence did not improve consistency.• CONCLUSIONS:These results indicate that evolutionarily recent leaf width divergence events are not tightly tied to divergences in other leaf traits or in environmental situations, despite the broad correlations that have been observed across many species. Rather, cross species correlations are underpinned by earlier divergence events in the phylogeny.


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Tozer WC,Rice B,Westoby M




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  • Hughmillerites vancouverensis sp. nov. and the Cretaceous diversification of Cupressaceae.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:• PREMISE OF THE STUDY:Two ovulate conifer cones, one of which is attached terminally to a short leafy shoot, reveal the presence of a new species of Hughmillerites in the Early Cretaceous Apple Bay flora of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. This ancient conifer expands the diversity of Cupressace...

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    abstract::Cladistic parsimony analyses of rbcL nucleotide sequence data from 171 taxa representing nearly all tribes and subtribes of Orchidaceae are presented here. These analyses divide the family into five primary monophyletic clades: apostasioid, cypripedioid, vanilloid, orchidoid, and epidendroid orchids, arranged in that ...

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  • Development and characterization of microsatellite loci for Khaya senegalensis (Meliaceae)1.

    abstract:UNLABELLED: PREMISE OF THE STUDY:Microsatellite loci were developed to characterize genetic variation and population subdivision in Khaya senegalensis (Desr.) A. Juss. (Meliaceae). • METHODS AND RESULTS:Microsatellite loci were identified from genomic DNA sequences generated using the 454 GS-FLX titanium platform. Pr...

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  • Origins and nature of vessels in monocotyledons: 8. Orchidaceae.

    abstract::Xylem of the orchids studied provided unusually favorable material to demonstrate how conductive tissue evolves in monocotyledons. In the end walls of tracheary elements of many Orchidaceae, remnants of pit membranes were observed with scanning electron microscopy and minimally destructive methods. The full range from...

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