Evolutionary divergence of leaf width and its correlates.


UNLABELLED:• PREMISE OF THE STUDY:The question why leaf dimensions vary so much between species has long puzzled ecologists. Presumably, variation arises from selective forces acting on leaf function but which selective forces and which leaf functions? This investigation assesses the consistency of divergence in plant traits and habitat variables in association with leaf width divergence in the flora of NSW, Australia.• METHODS:More than 80 traits and habitat variables were measured for 25 independent evolutionary divergence events (PICs). Each PIC was represented by two related plant species that had diverged substantially in leaf width. Outgroup species provided indications of the direction of divergence. Most PICs were within genus, so divergences represent relatively recent evolutionary events.• KEY RESULTS:No plant traits or habitat variables were 100% consistently associated with a divergence in leaf width, and surprisingly few diverged in a consistent direction significantly more than what might be expected by chance. This surprising lack of consistent divergence with leaf width contrasted with the result that many of these traits and habitat variables were correlated with leaf width across all species in our data set and in line with correlations reported from other studies. Subcategorizing PICs according to the probable direction of leaf width divergence did not improve consistency.• CONCLUSIONS:These results indicate that evolutionarily recent leaf width divergence events are not tightly tied to divergences in other leaf traits or in environmental situations, despite the broad correlations that have been observed across many species. Rather, cross species correlations are underpinned by earlier divergence events in the phylogeny.


Am J Bot


Tozer WC,Rice B,Westoby M




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  • Polymorphic microsatellite loci from Dacryodes edulis (Burseraceae), a Central African rainforest and fruit-tree species.

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  • Variation in the self-incompatibility response within and among populations of the tropical shrub Witheringia solanacea (Solanaceae).

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  • Frequency-dependent fitness of hybrids between oilseed rape (Brassica napus) and weedy B. rapa (Brassicaceae).

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  • Recovery from bud disappearance explains prolonged dormancy in Cleistes bifaria (Orchidaceae).

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  • Genetic diversity of Typha latifolia (Typhaceae) and the impact of pollutants examined with tandem-repetitive DNA probes.

    abstract::Genetic diversity at variable-number-tandem-repeat (VNTR) loci was examined in the common cattail, Typha latifolia (Typhaceae), using three synthetic DNA probes composed of tandemly repeated "core" sequences (GACA, GATA, and GCAC). The principal objectives of this investigation were to determine whether: (1) the previ...

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    abstract::A conspicuous feature of Vochysiaceae flowers is their single fertile stamen. In some genera, the stamen is in front of a petal, whereas in others it is in front of a sepal. This difference has been attributed to two independent reductions, which implies the stamen is not homologous across the family. The observation ...

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  • Influence of plant ontogeny on compensation to leaf damage.

    abstract::Ontogenetic changes in architecture, carbohydrate reserves, and resource allocation can constrain the ability of plants to compensate for herbivore damage. To evaluate ontogenetic changes in compensation, saplings and reproductive individuals of the tropical tree Casearia nitida were subjected to three levels of defol...

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  • A phylogenetic analysis of the Orchidaceae: evidence from rbcL nucleotide.

    abstract::Cladistic parsimony analyses of rbcL nucleotide sequence data from 171 taxa representing nearly all tribes and subtribes of Orchidaceae are presented here. These analyses divide the family into five primary monophyletic clades: apostasioid, cypripedioid, vanilloid, orchidoid, and epidendroid orchids, arranged in that ...

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    abstract::Nuclear and chloroplast DNA variation was assayed for two populations of Louisiana irises (Bayou Teche and Young's Coulee) that demonstrated extreme morphological variation and for a sample of the putative hybrid species, Iris nelsonii. The genetic markers examined in this analysis were diagnostic for either Iris fulv...

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  • Sex ratios, size distributions, and sexual dimorphism in the dioecious tree Ilex aquifolium (Aquifoliaceae).

    abstract::Sex ratio and sexual dimorphism in physiology and growth were studied in the dioecious tree Ilex aquifolium at two localities in northern Spain. Genet sex ratio was significantly male biased in one locality but not in the other. However, ramet and flowering ramet sex ratios were male biased at both study sites. Males ...

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