Surface-dwelling aquatic insects in low-energy freshwater environments are highly impacted by oil spills and the surface washing agent Corexit EC9580A used in oil spill response.


:Physical impacts of diluted bitumen (dilbit) and the application of surface washing agents (SWAs) in freshwater have not been characterized for aquatic invertebrates. These compounds are known to reduce surface tension in feather and fur microstructures of birds and mammals, and thus likely to affect buoyancy of surface-dwelling aquatic insects. We evaluated impacts of fresh dilbit and a SWA on water striders (Metrobates sp.), surface-dwelling organisms that rely on fine-hair microstructures to remain buoyant. We report nominal sheen thickness values that cause 50% immobility in 48 hours as determined from exposure studies in outdoor tanks. Comparing our data to historic oil spill volumes in Canada and the United States in the past 12 years indicate that our reported nominal sheen thicknesses could have been reached or exceeded in 99% of historic spills when scaled to a small reference lake. The addition of Corexit EC9580A, a SWA approved for marine use in Canada, lead to 100% immobility in striders within minutes, both in combination with oil and alone. Our work reveals an acute sensitivity to Corexit EC9580A and dilbit by surface-dwelling insects and may be driven by disruption of mechanisms of buoyancy. We highlight a need to evaluate physical impacts, typically excluded from standard toxicity testing, within the context of spill impact mitigation assessments. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.


Environ Toxicol Chem


Black TA,Hanson ML,Palace VP,Rodriguez-Gil JL




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