Active touch in late-preterm and early-term neonates.


:An infant-controlled tactile habituation without visual control procedure was used to evaluate the ability of 32 late-preterm neonates (mean gestational age: 34 weeks) and 32 early-term neonates (mean gestational age: 38 weeks) to actively explore with hands objects varying in texture (smooth, granular). Holding time and Hand Pressure Frequency (HPF) were recorded. Holding time decreased as habituation progressed in both group of neonates. Holding time increased from habituation trials to test trials only in early-term neonates. A reaction to novelty was only observed in early-term neonates. During habituation, HPF remained unchanged in late-preterm infants whereas HPF decreased in early-term infants. HPF increased from habituation trials to test trials in early-term neonates and in late-preterm infants. However, reaction to novelty was only observed for early-term infants. The significance of these results is discussed in reference to brain maturation in preterm infants.


Dev Psychobiol


Molina M,Sann C,David M,Touré Y,Guillois B,Jouen F




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  • Effects of prenatal factors and temperament on infant cortisol regulation in low-income Mexican American families.

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  • Characterization of offensive responses during the maturation of play-fighting into aggression in male golden hamsters.

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  • The effects of rearing environment on pup development.

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    abstract::Hofer, Brunelli, Shair, and Masmela (2001) examined several behavioral and physiological measures in low, high, and unselected lines obtained from a divergent selection for ultrasound production (USP) in young rats. Although the response to selection was clear-cut, few correlated responses appeared. This surprising re...

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  • Intracerebroventricular injection of renin in the neonatal rat reveals a precocious sodium appetite that is dissociated from renin-aroused thirst.

    abstract::Previous research on the ontogeny of sodium appetite in the rat has shown that sodium deficit first engenders sodium intake at 12 days of age, whereas direct stimulation of the brain renin--angiotensin system by intracranial injection of renin increases intake of NaCl solution as early as 3 days postnatally. Similar a...

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  • Reactivity to light and development of classical cardiac conditioning in the kitten.

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  • Investigating the role of articulatory organs and perceptual assimilation of native and non-native fricative place contrasts.

    abstract::The perceptual assimilation model (PAM; Best, C. T. [1995]. A direct realist view of cross-language speech perception. In W. Strange (Ed.), Speech perception and linguistic experience: Issues in cross-language research (pp. 171-204). Baltimore, MD: York Press.) accounts for developmental patterns of speech contrast di...

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  • The inhibition of automatic saccades in early infancy.

    abstract::Adult patients with damage centered around the frontal eye fields are severely impaired in the ability to suppress unwanted automatic saccades and in the ability to make volitional eye movements. Over the first few weeks of life most saccades generated by infants appear to be automatic, and are triggered in response t...

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  • Physiological and neuropsychological correlates of approach/withdrawal tendencies in preschool: further examination of the behavioral inhibition system/behavioral activation system scales for young children.

    abstract::This study examined a parent-report version of the Behavioral Inhibition System/Behavioral Activation System (BIS/BAS) scales, a measure of approach-withdrawal motivation, in 170 children between the ages of 3 to 5 years attending Head Start programs. Physiological measures included assessments of baseline salivary co...

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