One-carbon metabolism in lectin-activated human lymphocytes.


:Serine is an essential amino acid for the lectin-mediated transformation of human peripheral blood lymphocytes due to the inability of this cell to synthesize sufficient quantities via either the phosphorylated pathway or by reversal of the serine hydroxymethyltransferase reaction to meet the metabolic demands. The level of intracellular serine is tightly regulated, and the culture medium concentration for optimum cellular transformation falls within a relatively narrow range. The three-carbon atom of serine is the major source of one-carbon units required for purine and pyrimidine nucleotide biosynthesis, but the key effect of both serine deprivation and of high medium serine levels would appear to be on protein synthesis. Although an alternative source of one-carbon units, as provided by high levels of formate in the culture medium, can partially reverse the effects of serine deprivation, the only other demonstrable source of one-carbon units, tryptophan, requires serine for its incorporation and subsequent metabolism. Methionine is also essential for lymphocyte transformation and is involved in the synthesis of a small amount of phosphatidylcholine, although most of this phospholipid is provided by choline and lysophosphatidylcholine from the serum-supplemented culture medium.


Arch Biochem Biophys


Rowe PB,Sauer D,Fahey D,Craig G,McCairns E




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  • Inhibition of protein tyrosine phosphatases PTP1B and CD45 by sulfotyrosyl peptides.

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  • Determination of dideoxyosone precursors of AGEs in human lens proteins.

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  • Effects of air pollution particles (ultrafine and fine particulate matter) on mitochondrial function and oxidative stress - Implications for cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

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  • MicroRNA-342 targets Cofilin 1 to suppress the growth, migration and invasion of human breast cancer cells.

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  • 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D₃ suppresses inflammation-induced expression of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 by blocking nuclear factor-κB activation.

    abstract::Plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI)-1 is a major fibrinolytic inhibitor. High PAI-1 is associated with increased renal and cardiovascular disease risk. Previous studies demonstrated PAI-1 down-regulation by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D₃ (1,25(OH)₂D₃), but the molecular mechanism remains unknown. Here we show that exposur...

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  • Homocysteine-dependent demethylation of trimethylselenonium ion and selenobetaine with methionine formation.

    abstract::In the presence of rat liver cytosol and homocysteine, trimethylselenonium ion (TMSe+) underwent time-dependent demethylation to dimethylselenide with the concurrent formation of methionine. Convenient methods were developed for assay of this activity using either radioactive methods based on the gamma emitting isotop...

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    abstract::To obtain information on the role of iron-catalyzed lipid peroxidation in the presence of the small amount of lipid peroxide in deterioration of biological membranes, we examined factors affecting peroxidation of fatty acids in charged micelles. Peroxidation of linoleic acid (LA) was catalyzed by Fe2+ via reductive cl...

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  • Characterization of purified avian 90,000-Da heat shock protein.

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  • The application of proteomics for studying the neurorescue activity of the polyphenol (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate.

    abstract::Accumulating evidence suggests that oxidative stress resulting in reactive oxygen species generation plays a pivotal role in neurodegenerative diseases, supporting the realization of the use of radical scavengers, metal chelator agents, such as the natural polyphenols for therapy. In this study, we have focused on spe...

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  • Effect of quercetin on cell protection via erythropoietin and cell injury of HepG2 cells.

    abstract::Quercetin is a flavonoid that has roles in both cytoprotection and cytotoxicity. The relation of queretin's cytoprotective and cytotoxic effects are unknown. Quercetin has been shown to induce expression of hypoxia-inducible factor, a protein that is known to regulate transcription of the erythropoietin (EPO) gene, an...

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  • Reconstitution of the lipid-depleted pyruvate oxidase system of Escherichia coli: the palmitic acid effect.

    abstract::Previous work has shown that the coupling of the soluble Escherichia coli pyruvate oxidase to a lipid-depleted membrane terminal electron transport system requires the addition of ubiquinone and a neutral lipid fraction (C. Cunningham and L. P. Hager (1975) J. Biol. Chem. 250, 7139-7146). The active factor present in ...

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    authors: Kiuchi K,Hager LP

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  • Induction of cytochrome P-450 1A1 by omeprazole in human HepG2 cells is protein tyrosine kinase-dependent and is not inhibited by alpha-naphthoflavone.

    abstract::Benzimidazole compounds, such as omeprazole and thiabendazole, are a different type of CYP1A1 inducer from Ah receptor-ligands, such as TCDD (2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin) and 3-methylcholanthrene. In HepG2 cells, the commonly used tyrosine kinase inhibitors, herbimycin-A and a series of tyrphostins, inhibited ...

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    authors: Kikuchi H,Hossain A,Yoshida H,Kobayashi S

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  • Inhibition of peroxidase-catalyzed reactions by deferoxamine.

    abstract::Phagocytes generate superoxide (O2-.) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and their interaction in an iron-catalyzed reaction to form hydroxyl radicals (OH.) (Haber-Weiss reaction) has been proposed. Deferoxamine chelates iron in a catalytically inactive form, and thus inhibition by deferoxamine has been employed as evidence...

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  • RPE65, the major retinal pigment epithelium microsomal membrane protein, associates with phospholipid liposomes.

    abstract::The retinal pigment epithelium (RPE)-specific protein RPE65 is the major protein of the RPE microsomal membrane fraction. Though RPE65 lacks transmembrane domains or signal peptide, detergents are required for its maximally effective solubilization in isotonic buffers. However, in 0.75-1.0 M KCl, RPE65 is as soluble w...

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