The Acylcarnitine Profile in Dried Blood Spots is Affected by Hematocrit: A Study of Newborn Screening Samples in Very-Low-Birth-Weight Infants.


OBJECTIVE: The acylcarnitine profile is analyzed in dried blood spots (DBS) to screen for inborn errors of metabolism. Hematocrit (Ht) is known to affect the result of quantitative analyses of DBS samples; however, the effects of Ht on the acylcarnitine profiles in DBS have not been studied in actual samples from newborns. STUDY DESIGN: The acylcarnitine profiles in DBS for newborn screening tests and Ht levels of very-low-birth-weight infants were obtained from medical records. We investigated the relationship between Ht and each acylcarnitine using Pearson's correlation coefficient (r). RESULTS: We examined 77 newborns in this study. There was a significantly positive correlation between Ht and C0, C2, C12, C16, C18, C18:1, and C18:1-OH, respectively (p < 0.0025). The correlation was the greatest on C2 (r = 0.59). CONCLUSION: This study clarifies that Ht and C0, C2, C12, C16, C18, C18:1, and C18:1-OH are significantly correlated in DBS, which is consistent with previous studies. Hence, the effect of Ht should be considered when interpreting the results of acylcarnitine profiles in DBS. KEY POINTS:· Acylcarnitine profile in dried blood spots (DBS) is affected by the hematocrit (Ht) of the sample.. · There are positive correlations between Ht and C0, C2, C12, C16, C18, and C18:1-OH in DBS.. · We should be aware of the effects of Ht on acylcarnitine profiles in DBS..


Am J Perinatol


Haga M,Isobe M,Kawabata K,Shimizu M,Mochizuki H




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2020-12-29 00:00:00






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