Bioactive Bis(indole) Alkaloids from a Spongosorites sp. Sponge.


:Six new bis(indole) alkaloids (1-6) along with eight known ones of the topsentin class were isolated from a Spongosorites sp. sponge of Korea. Based on the results of combined spectroscopic analyses, the structures of spongosoritins A-D (1-4) were determined to possess a 2-methoxy-1-imidazole-5-one core connecting the indole moieties, and these were linked by a linear urea bridge for spongocarbamides A (5) and B (6). The absolute configurations of spongosoritins were assigned by electronic circular dichroism (ECD) computation. The new compounds exhibited moderate inhibition against transpeptidase sortase A and weak inhibition against human pathogenic bacteria and A549 and K562 cancer cell lines.


Mar Drugs


Marine drugs


Park JS,Cho E,Hwang JY,Park SC,Chung B,Kwon OS,Sim CJ,Oh DC,Oh KB,Shin J




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  • Production, characterization and biocompatibility of marine collagen matrices from an alternative and sustainable source: the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus.

    abstract::Collagen has become a key-molecule in cell culture studies and in the tissue engineering field. Industrially, the principal sources of collagen are calf skin and bones which, however, could be associated to risks of serious disease transmission. In fact, collagen derived from alternative and riskless sources is requir...

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  • Total synthesis of fellutamide B and deoxy-fellutamides B, C, and D.

    abstract::The total syntheses of the marine-derived lipopeptide natural product fellutamide B and deoxy-fellutamides B, C, and D are reported. These compounds were accessed through a novel solid-phase synthetic strategy using Weinreb amide-derived resin. As part of the synthesis, a new enantioselective route to (3R)-hydroxy lau...

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  • Fucus vesiculosus and Ascophyllum nodosum Ameliorate Liver Function by Reducing Diet-Induced Steatosis in Rats.

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  • Combination of trabectedin and gemcitabine for advanced soft tissue sarcomas: results of a phase I dose escalating trial of the German Interdisciplinary Sarcoma Group (GISG).

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Evaluation of the potential efficacy and safety of combination therapies for advanced soft tissue sarcomas (STS) has increased substantially after approval of trabectedin and pazopanib. Trabectedin's introduction in Europe in 2007 depended mainly on its activity in so-called L-sarcomas (liposarcoma and leiom...

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  • Phytoene Accumulation in the Novel Microalga Chlorococcum sp. Using the Pigment Synthesis Inhibitor Fluridone.

    abstract::Carotenoids are lipophilic pigments found in plants and algae, as well as some bacteria, archaea, and fungi that serve two functions-(1) as light harvesting molecules-primary carotenoids, and (2) as antioxidants, acting against reactive oxygen species⁻secondary carotenoids. Because of their strong antioxidant properti...

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  • Characterization of Properties and Transglycosylation Abilities of Recombinant α-Galactosidase from Cold-Adapted Marine Bacterium Pseudoalteromonas KMM 701 and Its C494N and D451A Mutants.

    abstract::A novel wild-type recombinant cold-active α-d-galactosidase (α-PsGal) from the cold-adapted marine bacterium Pseudoalteromonas sp. KMM 701, and its mutants D451A and C494N, were studied in terms of their structural, physicochemical, and catalytic properties. Homology models of the three-dimensional α-PsGal structure, ...

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  • Dechdigliotoxins A-C, Three Novel Disulfide-Bridged Gliotoxin Dimers from Deep-Sea Sediment Derived Fungus Dichotomomyces cejpii.

    abstract::Dechdigliotoxins A-C (1-3), which represented the first examples of gliotoxin dimers with an unprecedented exocyclic disulfide linkage, were obtained from a deep-sea derived fungus Dichotomomyces cejpii FS110. The structures of these compounds were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic analysis and the absolute con...

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  • Biological activity of volatiles from marine and terrestrial bacteria.

    abstract::The antiproliferative activity of 52 volatile compounds released from bacteria was investigated in agar diffusion assays against medically important microorganisms and mouse fibroblasts. Furthermore, the activity of these compounds to interfere with the quorum-sensing-systems was tested with two different reporter str...

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  • Marine Bacteria, A Source for Alginolytic Enzyme to Disrupt Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms.

    abstract::Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms are typically associated with the chronic lung infection of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients and represent a major challenge for treatment. This opportunistic bacterial pathogen secretes alginate, a polysaccharide that is one of the main components of its biofilm. Targeting this major biof...

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  • Structure elucidation of new acetylated saponins, Lessoniosides A, B, C, D, and E, and non-acetylated saponins, Lessoniosides F and G, from the viscera of the sea cucumber Holothuria lessoni.

    abstract::Sea cucumbers produce numerous compounds with a wide range of chemical structural diversity. Among these, saponins are the most diverse and include sulfated, non-sulfated, acetylated and methylated congeners with different aglycone and sugar moieties. In this study, MALDI and ESI tandem mass spectrometry, in the posit...

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  • Chemical Diversity of Soft Coral Steroids and Their Pharmacological Activities.

    abstract::The review is devoted to the chemical diversity of steroids produced by soft corals and their determined and potential activities. There are about 200 steroids that belong to different types of steroids such as secosteroids, spirosteroids, epoxy- and peroxy-steroids, steroid glycosides, halogenated steroids, polyoxyge...

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  • Caulerpa Cupressoides Var. Flabellata.

    abstract::Green seaweeds are rich sources of sulfated polysaccharides (SPs) with potential biomedical and nutraceutical applications. The aim of this work was to evaluate the immunostimulatory activity of SPs from the seaweed, Caulerpa cupressoides var. flabellata on murine RAW 264.7 macrophages. SPs were evaluated for their ab...

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  • Impact of DHA on metabolic diseases from womb to tomb.

    abstract::Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFAs) are important mediators in improving and maintaining human health over the total lifespan. One topic we especially focus on in this review is omega-3 LC-PUFA docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Adequate DHA levels are essential during neurodevelopment and, in addition, benefic...

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  • Confirmation of pinnatoxins and spirolides in shellfish and passive samplers from Catalonia (Spain) by liquid chromatography coupled with triple quadrupole and high-resolution hybrid tandem mass spectrometry.

    abstract::Cyclic imines are lipophilic marine toxins that bioaccumulate in seafood. Their structure comprises a cyclic-imino moiety, responsible for acute neurotoxicity in mice. Cyclic imines have not been linked yet to human poisonings and are not regulated in Europe, although the European Food Safety Authority requires more d...

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  • λ-Carrageenan Oligosaccharides of Distinct Anti-Heparanase and Anticoagulant Activities Inhibit MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cell Migration.

    abstract::In tumor development, the degradation of heparan sulfate (HS) by heparanase (HPSE) is associated with cell-surface and extracellular matrix remodeling as well as the release of HS-bound signaling molecules, allowing cancer cell migration, invasion and angiogenesis. Because of their structural similarity with HS, sulfa...

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  • Cephalopods as vectors of harmful algal bloom toxins in marine food webs.

    abstract::Here we summarize the current knowledge on the transfer and accumulation of harmful algal bloom (HAB)-related toxins in cephalopods (octopods, cuttlefishes and squids). These mollusks have been reported to accumulate several HAB-toxins, namely domoic acid (DA, and its isomers), saxitoxin (and its derivatives) and paly...

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  • Cyclic marinopyrrole derivatives as disruptors of Mcl-1 and Bcl-x(L) binding to Bim.

    abstract::A series of novel cyclic marinopyrroles were designed and synthesized. Their activity to disrupt the binding of the pro-apoptotic protein, Bim, to the pro-survival proteins, Mcl-1 and Bcl-x(L), was evaluated using ELISA assays. Both atropisomers of marinopyrrole A (1) show similar potency. A tetrabromo congener 9 is t...

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    authors: Cheng C,Liu Y,Balasis ME,Simmons NL,Li J,Song H,Pan L,Qin Y,Nicolaou KC,Sebti SM,Li R

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  • Glycerolipid Composition of the Red Macroalga Agarophyton Chilensis and Comparison to the Closely Related Agarophyton Vermiculophyllum Producing Different Types of Eicosanoids.

    abstract::The red macroalga Agarophyton chilensis is a well-known producer of eicosanoids such as hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acids, but the alga produces almost no prostaglandins, unlike the closely related A. vermiculophyllum. This indicates that the related two algae would have different enzyme systems or substrate composition. ...

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  • Pseudoceratonic Acid and Moloka'iamine Derivatives from the Red Sea Verongiid Sponge Pseudoceratina arabica.

    abstract::During an investigation of the chemistry of the Red Sea Verongiid sponge Pseudoceratina arabica, we discovered a small molecule, pseudoceratonic acid (1), along with the new moloka'iamine derivatives, ceratinines N (2), O (3), and the previously reported compounds moloka'iamine (4), hydroxymoloka'iamine (5) and cerati...

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    authors: Shaala LA,Youssef DTA

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  • Theonellamide G, a potent antifungal and cytotoxic bicyclic glycopeptide from the Red Sea marine sponge Theonella swinhoei.

    abstract::In our search for bioactive metabolites from marine organisms, we have investigated the polar fraction of the organic extract of the Red Sea sponge Theonella swinhoei. Successive chromatographic separations and final HPLC purification of the potent antifungal fraction afforded a new bicyclic glycopeptide, theonellamid...

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  • The Protective Role of Sulfated Polysaccharides from Green Seaweed Udotea flabellum in Cells Exposed to Oxidative Damage.

    abstract::Seaweed is a rich source of bioactive sulfated polysaccharides. We obtained six sulfated polysaccharide-rich fractions (UF-0.3, UF-0.5, UF-0.6, UF-0.7, UF-1.0, and UF-2.0) from the green seaweed Udotea flabellum (UF) by proteolytic digestion followed by sequential acetone precipitation. Biochemical analysis of these f...

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  • Chemoecological screening reveals high bioactivity in diverse culturable Portuguese marine cyanobacteria.

    abstract::Marine cyanobacteria, notably those from tropical regions, are a rich source of bioactive secondary metabolites. Tropical marine cyanobacteria often grow to high densities in the environment, allowing direct isolation of many secondary metabolites from field-collected material. However, in temperate environments cultu...

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  • Marine sponge derived natural products between 2001 and 2010: trends and opportunities for discovery of bioactives.

    abstract::Marine sponges belonging to the phylum Porifera (Metazoa), evolutionarily the oldest animals are the single best source of marine natural products. The present review presents a comprehensive overview of the source, taxonomy, country of origin or geographical position, chemical class, and biological activity of sponge...

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    authors: Mehbub MF,Lei J,Franco C,Zhang W

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  • New lobane and cembrane diterpenes from two comorian soft corals.

    abstract::Preliminary biological investigation of a collection of Comorian soft corals resulted in the selection of two specimens, one of Sarcophyton and the other of Lobophytum, on the basis of their toxicity on larvae of the brine shrimp (Artemia salina) and inhibition of acetylcholinesterase, respectively. Bioassay-guided fr...

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    authors: Bonnard I,Jhaumeer-Laulloo SB,Bontemps N,Banaigs B,Aknin M

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  • Effect of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa Protein Hydrolysate-Calcium Chelate on Calcium Absorption Metabolism and Gut Microbiota Composition in Low-Calcium Diet-Fed Rats.

    abstract::In our current investigation, we evaluated the effect of Chlorella pyrenoidosa protein hydrolysate (CPPH) and Chlorella pyrenoidosa protein hydrolysate-calcium chelate (CPPH-Ca) on calcium absorption and gut microbiota composition, as well as their in vivo regulatory mechanism in SD rats fed low-calcium diets. Potent ...

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    authors: Hua P,Xiong Y,Yu Z,Liu B,Zhao L

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  • Innovative Approach to Sustainable Marine Invertebrate Chemistry and a Scale-Up Technology for Open Marine Ecosystems.

    abstract::Isolation of marine compounds from living invertebrates represents a major challenge for sustainable and environmentally friendly exploitation of marine bio-resources. To develop innovative technology to trap invertebrate compounds in the open sea, the proof of concept of a system combining external continuous circula...

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    authors: Vlachou P,Le Goff G,Alonso C,Álvarez PA,Gallard JF,Fokialakis N,Ouazzani J

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  • Outbreak of Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning associated with mussels, British Columbia, Canada.

    abstract::In 2011, a Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning (DSP) outbreak occurred in British Columbia (BC), Canada that was associated with cooked mussel consumption. This is the first reported DSP outbreak in BC. Investigation of ill individuals, traceback of product and laboratory testing for toxins were used in this investigation....

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    authors: Taylor M,McIntyre L,Ritson M,Stone J,Bronson R,Bitzikos O,Rourke W,Galanis E,Outbreak Investigation Team.

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  • Co-processed chitin-mannitol as a new excipient for Oro-dispersible tablets.

    abstract::This study describes the preparation, characterization and performance of a novel excipient for use in oro-dispersible tablets (ODT). The excipient (Cop-CM) consists of chitin and mannitol. The excipient with optimal physicochemical properties was obtained at a chitin: mannitol ratio of 2:8 (w/w) and produced by roll ...

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    authors: Daraghmeh N,Chowdhry BZ,Leharne SA,Al Omari MM,Badwan AA

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  • Genome Sequence of Pseudomonas stutzeri 273 and Identification of the Exopolysaccharide EPS273 Biosynthesis Locus.

    abstract::Pseudomonas stutzeri 273 is a marine bacterium producing exopolysaccharide 273 (EPS273) with high anti-biofilm activity against P. aeruginosa PAO1. Here, the complete genome of P.stutzeri 273 was sequenced and the genome contained a circular 5.03 Mb chromosome. With extensive analysis of the genome, a genetic locus co...

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    authors: Wu S,Zheng R,Sha Z,Sun C

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