Identification of novel splice variants of the voltage- and Ca²⁺-dependent K⁺-channel SLO-1 of Trichuris muris.


:The anthelmintic cyclooctadepsipeptide emodepside is effective against nematodes showing resistance against established drug classes. Emodepside exerts its nematicidal effects mainly through its validated target, the tetrameric voltage- and calcium-activated potassium channel SLO-1. Two slo-1 genes were described in Trichuris muris. Alternative splicing is known to alter SLO-1 properties. Here, 16 T. muris splice variants for slo-1.1 and three variants for slo-1.2 were identified in addition to previously described variants. Splice variants caused by intron retentions and/or exon exclusions encode varyingly truncated subunits. Depending on the subunit composition, channels might have altered physiological and pharmacological properties including different modulation by calcium and/or voltage or reduced emodepside susceptibility which might lead to emodepside resistance as observed in Caenorhabditis elegans expressing only similarly truncated Slo-1. The comprehensive characterisation of splice variants is a prerequisite for functional analysis and confirmed conservation of remarkable differences found between both slo-1 paralogs in Trichuris suis.


Mol Biochem Parasitol


Yilmaz E,Kulke D,von Samson-Himmelstjerna G,Krücken J




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2015-01-01 00:00:00














  • The effects of p-chloromercuriphenylsulfonic acid on Trypanosoma cruzi infection of mammalian host cells in vitro.

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  • Extensive homologies between Leishmania donovani chromosomes of markedly different size.

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  • An S antigen gene from Plasmodium falciparum contains a novel repetitive sequence.

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  • The Plasmodium falciparum exported protein PF3D7_0402000 binds to erythrocyte ankyrin and band 4.1.

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  • Potential modulating effect of the Ascaris suum nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) by compounds GSK575594A, diazepam and flumazenil discovered by structure-based virtual screening approach.

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  • The complete sequence of a Plasmodium malariae SSUrRNA gene and its comparison to other plasmodial SSUrRNA genes.

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  • Transient expression of luciferase in Entamoeba histolytica driven by the ferredoxin gene 5' and 3' regions.

    abstract::We have successfully transfected Entamoeba histolytica trophozoites with constructs containing ferredoxin sequences fused to the reporter gene luciferase. We have determined the conditions and parameters necessary to maximise transient luciferase expression in our system. Our optimal construct gave values of 268 x 10(...

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  • A Trypanosoma brucei mutant resistant to alpha-difluoromethylornithine.

    abstract::Procyclic Trypanosoma brucei brucei strain 366D is susceptible to DL-alpha-difluoromethylornithine (DFMO) with an in vitro ED50 value of 225 microM. A mutant of the procyclic strain resistant to 20 mM of DFMO was isolated by serial in vitro passages of the organisms in increasing concentrations of the drug. Drug resis...

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    abstract::The 31P NMR spectrum of the adult tapeworm, Hymenolepis diminuta, at 37 degrees C during perfusion with physiological saline was composed of 10 peaks. Based on chemical shifts and analysis of worm extracts, the phosphorus components included glucose-6-phosphate, fructose-6-phosphate, phosphorylcholine, glycerophosphor...

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  • Purification and partial characterization of an unusual protein of Plasmodium falciparum: histidine-rich protein II.

    abstract::The human malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum secretes a histidine-rich protein (HRP-II) from infected erythrocytes. HRP-II has a very high content of histidine (H) (34%), alanine (A) (37%) and aspartic acid (D) (10%) and many contiguous repeats of the sequences AHH and AHHAAD. The histidine content of the protein...

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  • Microarray based analysis of temperature and oxidative stress induced messenger RNA in Schistosoma mansoni.

    abstract::The body's defense against schistosome infection can take many forms. For example, upon developing acute schistosomiasis, patients often have fever coinciding with larval maturation, migration and early oviposition. As the infection becomes established, the parasite comes under oxidative stress generated by the host i...

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  • Molecular characterization and expression of two putative protective excretory secretory proteins of Haemonchus contortus.

    abstract::It has been shown that vaccination with two low molecular mass excretory secretory (ES) antigens of 15 and 24 kDa, respectively, afforded a substantial degree of protection against Haemonchus contortus to sheep. In vitro cultivation of the parasite usually yields a limited amount of these proteins and therefore, recom...

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  • Molecular and functional characterisation of the heat shock protein 10 of Strongyloides ratti.

    abstract::Strongyloides stercoralis and S. ratti are intestinal parasitic nematodes infecting rats and humans, respectively. Both present extraordinary life cycles comprising a free-living generation in addition to parasitic stages. In search of molecules possibly involved in parasite-host interaction, we performed mass spectro...

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  • Optical map of the genotype A1 WB C6 Giardia lamblia genome isolate.

    abstract::The Giardia lamblia genome consists of 12 Mb divided among 5 chromosomes ranging in size from approximately 1 to 4 Mb. The assembled contigs of the genotype A1 isolate, WB, were previously mapped along the 5 chromosomes on the basis of hybridization of plasmid clones representing the contigs to chromosomes separated b...

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  • An evaluation of different methods for labelling the surface of the filarial nematode Brugia pahangi with 125iodine.

    abstract::The specificity of a range of 125I labelling techniques (Chloramine T, Iodogen, Bolton and Hunter reagent, lactoperoxidase and iodosulfanilic acid) to the surface of the filarial nematode Brugia pahangi was evaluated by autoradiography of sections of labelled worms and of dried SDS-polyacrylamide gels following electr...

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  • Studies on mitochondrial ATPase of Leishmania donovani using digitonin-permeabilized promastigotes.

    abstract::Mitochondrial ATPase of Leishmania donovani was characterized using digitonin-permeabilized promastigotes and the results were compared with those from isolated mitochondria. Maximum mitochondrial ATPase activity was obtained in promastigotes permeabilized with digitonin at a final concentration of 20 microM and the s...

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  • Isolation of a female-specific, highly repeated Schistosoma mansoni DNA probe and its use in an assay of cercarial sex.

    abstract::A 476 bp fragment of female-specific Schistosoma mansoni genomic DNA, clone W1, represents a degenerative repeat present in more than 500 copies per female genome, and may be part of the constitutive heterochromatin of the W chromosome. The cloning method described can be used as a general approach for isolating sex-s...

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