Effect of interleukin-4 on peripheral blood leukocytes in rats with various behavioral characteristics during acute stress.


:We studied the effect of anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-4 (5 μg/kg intraperitoneally) on peripheral blood leukocytes in Wistar rats with various behavioral characteristics during acute emotional stress (1-h immobilization with simultaneous subthreshold electrocutaneous stimulation). IL-4 reduced the differences in blood leukocyte count in rats with various behavioral characteristics, which was related to a significant decrease in this parameter in active animals. IL-4 injection to active animals was accompanied by changes in the leukogram (development of neutrophilia, monocytopenia, and lymphopenia) and had a modulatory effect on leukocyte indexes of cell reactivity. Blood leukocyte count in cytokine-treated animals did not change after stress exposure. IL-4 prevented shifts in leukocyte indexes of cell reactivity, which was found after acute stress exposure. Our results expand current notions on the specific involvement of endogenous immunomodulatory compounds in the realization of adaptive and compensatory processes in mammals during negative emotiogenic exposures.


Bull Exp Biol Med


Pertsov SS,Koplik EV,Kalinichenko LS




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  • Autofluorescence of low-density lipoproteins modified as a result of autooxidation.

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  • Morphological study of burn wound healing with the use of collagen-chitosan wound dressing.

    abstract::Experiments on the model of thermal skin burn in rats showed that the use of wound dressing based on collagen-chitosan complex Kollakhit-Bol in local treatment of grade IIIb skin burns increased healing rate by accelerating the formation of granulation and fibrous connective tissues and reducing crust thickness in com...

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