Early factors related to mortality in children treated with bi-level noninvasive ventilation and CPAP.


OBJECTIVE:To describe and analyze the characteristics and the early risk factors for mortality of noninvasive ventilation (NIV) in critically ill children. STUDY DESIGN:A multicenter, prospective, observational 2-year study carried out with critically ill patients (1 month - 18 years of age) who needed NIV. Clinical data and NIV parameters during the first 12 h of admission were collected. A multilevel mixed-effects logistic regression was performed to identify mortality risk factors. RESULTS:A total of 781 patients (44.2 ± 57.7 months) were studied (57.8% male). Of them, 53.7% had an underlying condition, and 47.1% needed NIV for lower airway respiratory pathologies. Bi-level NIV was the initial support in 78.2% of the patients. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) was used more in younger patients (33.7%) than in older ones (9.7%; p < .001). About 16.7% had to be intubated and 6.2% died. The risk factors for mortality were immunodeficiency (odds ratio [OR] = 11.79; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 2.95-47.13); cerebral palsy (OR = 5.86; 95% CI = 1.94-17.65); presence of apneas on admission (OR = 5.57; 95% CI = 2.13-14.58); tachypnea 6 h after NIV onset (OR = 2.59; 95% CI = 1.30-6.94); and NIV failure (OR = 6.54; 95% CI = 2.79-15.34). CONCLUSION:NIV is used with great variability in types of support. Younger children receive CPAP more frequently than older children. Immunodeficiency, cerebral palsy, apneas on admission, tachypnea 6 h after NIV onset, and NIV failure are the early factors associated with mortality.


Pediatr Pulmonol


Pediatric pulmonology


López J,Pons-Òdena M,Medina A,Molinos-Norniella C,Palanca-Arias D,Demirkol D,León-González JS,López-Fernández YM,Perez-Baena L,López-Herce J,NIV Research Group.




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  • Benefit of gluten-free diet in idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis in association with celiac disease.

    abstract::Lane-Hamilton syndrome refers to the uncommon co-occurrence of idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis and celiac disease (CD). Three children aged between 7 and 14 years with IPH were detected to have co-existing non-diarrheal CD. Institution of gluten-free diet in each of the three children resulted in amelioration of th...

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  • Impact of a pediatric asthma clinical pathway on hospital cost and length of stay.

    abstract::This study sought to determine if a clinical pathway developed and executed by specialists in pediatric asthma would reduce hospital costs and length of stay (LOS). The study design was a retrospective, nonrandomized, controlled trial. Subjects were children aged 2-18 years (N = 1,004) with a history of recurrent whee...

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  • Pulmonary outcome measures in long-term survivors of infantile Pompe disease on enzyme replacement therapy: A case series.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To report the respiratory function of school-aged children with infantile Pompe disease (IPD) who started enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) in infancy and early childhood. STUDY DESIGN:This is a retrospective chart review of pulmonary function tests of: (a) patients with IPD 5 to 18 years of age, (b) who wer...

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  • Validation of the pediatric sleep questionnaire in children with asthma.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is higher in children with poorly controlled asthma. We aimed to determine the validity of the Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire (PSQ) to screen for OSA in children with asthma. METHODS:This retrospective review encompassed sleep studies and medical records of asth...

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