Evaluating the in vitro therapeutic effects of human amniotic mesenchymal stromal cells on MiaPaca2 pancreatic cancer cells using 2D and 3D cell culture model.


:Human amniotic mesenchymal stromal cells (hAMSCs) are considered as a population of multipotent cells. The molecular events associated with mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC)/tumor cell interactions should be studied to identify the role of MSCs on suppressing or inducing the key signaling pathways of tumor cells. Thus, designing therapeutic approaches is considered as important. In the present study, hAMSCs and MiaPaca2 cells were first cultured separately. In addition, both cell lines were co-cultured by using 0.4 μm pore sized transwell membranes in different times. Further, the RNA of the cells was extracted, and Bcl2, Bax, epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), c-Src, C-terminal Src Kinase (CSK), and SGK223 expression were analyzed through quantitative real time PCR. Furthermore, the total cell lysates of the cells were prepared and analyzed by using western blot. Based on the results, the expression of EGFR, c-Src, SGK223, and CSK in MiaPaca2 cells reduced after treating with hAMSCs. Notably, the cellular apoptosis of MiaPaca2 cells was induced in 2D cell culture system. Further, the anti-cancer activity of conditioned medium from hAMSCs was confirmed in a 3D cell culture model by using hanging drop technique. Finally, hAMSCs have inhibitory effects on pancreatic cancer cells and can be considered as a therapeutic way to suppress EGFR, c-Src, and SGK223, as the potent targets in cancer cell signaling.


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  • Brain macrophages in cerebellar cell cultures.

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  • Keratinization in the epidermis of amphibians and the lungfish: comparison with amniote keratinization.

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  • Nurse cell-oocyte interaction: a new F-actin mesh associated with the microtubule-rich core of an insect ovariole.

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    abstract::The paired ovaries of young larva of the 3rd instar of Orthezia urticae are filled with numerous germ cell clusters that can be regarded as ovariole anlagen. Germ cells (cystocytes) belonging to one cluster form a rosette, in the centre of which a polyfusome occurs. Staining with rhodamine-phalloidin has revealed that...

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    abstract::In the crayfish Astacus leptodactylus, the podobranch, bearing respiratory and ion-transporting filaments, is attached to the lamina. The Na(+)/K(+)-ATPase activity is higher in filaments than in lamina. Using a mouse monoclonal antibody directed against the alpha subunit of Na(+)/K(+)-ATPase, and indirect immunofluor...

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  • Induction of choriogenesis by 20-hydroxyecdysone in the German cockroach.

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  • The final stages of wing development in Drosophila melanogaster.

    abstract::A brief description is given of the behavioural changes in Drosophila melanogaster at the time of eclosion and wing expansion. The developmental changes in the wing during this period are classified into four stages (0-III). Details of changes in the morphology of both the cuticle and the wing epidermal cells are give...

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  • Vascular endothelium of human dental pulp expresses diverse adhesion molecules for leukocyte emigration.

    abstract::The expression of adhesion molecules on the vascular endothelium of healthy and inflamed human dental pulp was studied immunohistochemically using antibodies for selectin family and immunoglobulin super-family members. In healthy dental pulp, some vessels reacted very weakly with major histocompatibility complex (MHC)...

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  • Human chondrocyte cell lines from articular cartilage of metatarsal phalangeal joints.

    abstract::Chondrocytes can be isolated from human adult cartilage from metatarsal phalangeal joints. After enzymatic digestion to isolate viable cells, confluent monolayers were obtained 2-4 weeks after the start of cell division. Chondrocytes cultures, initiated and maintained in HAM's F12 with bovine fetal serum without the a...

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  • Nitric oxide stimulates embryonic somatotroph differentiation and growth hormone mRNA and protein expression through a cyclic guanosine monophosphate-independent mechanism.

    abstract::In the pituitary gland, NO is locally synthesized by gonadotroph and folliculo-stellate cells. Many reports have shown that NO can modulate the growth hormone (GH) secretion. However, its role on mice embryo GH regulation remains unclear. In addition, it is unknown whether the regulation is associated with the prolife...

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  • The vitellin-processing protease of Blattella germanica is derived from a pro-protease of maternal origin.

    abstract::Proteolytic processing of vitellin in Blattella germanica embryos is accomplished by activation of a yolk-borne cysteine protease (Mr 29 000) derived from a pro-protease precursor of Mr 40 000 (Liu et al., 1997). In the present study, fat body, ovaries and embryos of different developmental stages were examined immuno...

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  • Ultrastructure of the accessory glands of gene's organ in the cattle tick, Boophilus.

    abstract::The organization and ultrastructure of the accessory glands of the cattle tick, Boophilus microplus, are described. The glands consist of two groups of acinar cells situated on either side of Gene's organ. A single acinus consists of from eight to 12 cells and each cell is connected via an individual duct to pores on ...

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  • Evaluation of immunohistochemical markers of germ cells' proliferation in the developing rat testis: a comparative study.

    abstract::Germ cells' proliferation during testicular organogenesis in Wistar rat embryos and neonates [14.5, 18.5, 20.5 days post conception (dpc), birth (day 0), 1, 3, 5, 7 days post partum (dpp)] was evaluated via immunohistochemistry, using the PCNA and Ki-67 nuclear antibodies. Estimation of the reactive/total cell ratio, ...

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  • Germ cell proliferation and apoptosis during testicular regression in a seasonal breeding fish kept in captivity.

    abstract::Cell proliferation and apoptosis regulate germ cells stock and sperm production, eliminate anomalous gametes, and are essential parameters to consider in fish farming. Herein, spermatogenic activity as well as germ cell proliferation and apoptosis were assessed in Leporinus taeniatus, a seasonal breeding species from ...

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  • Azoramide ameliorates fructose-induced nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in mice.

    abstract::Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a frequent health problem. The insulin resistance and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress have been suggested to play important roles in the development and progression of NAFLD. However these processes and correlations have not fully been understood yet. Azoramide, an antidia...

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  • Ultrastructure of peritubular tissue in association with tubular hyalinization in human testis.

    abstract::Testicular peritubular tissue, also known as the tunica propria, surrounds the seminiferous tubules and is responsible for contractile, paracrine and transport functions. The aim of the present report is to describe the pathomorphology of peritubular tissue in association with tubular hyalinization in human testis. Tw...

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