Endoscopic Fenestration of Arachnoid cysts Through Lateral Pontomesencephalic Membranotomy: Technical Note and Case Series.


BACKGROUND:The ideal treatment method for cranial arachnoid cysts stills controversial, each of endoscopic and microscopic techniques has its pros and cons. METHODS:We described cystocisternostomy technique for arachnoid cysts through fenestration medial to the edge of tentorium through lateral pontomesencephalic membrane and illustrated it's outcomes. We performed endoscopic lateral pontomesencephalic membranotomy in nine children with zero angled rigid endoscope (STORZ).The age ranged from eight months up to nine years. The cysts were Galassi type III in eight cases (five of them giant hemispheric) and Galassi type II in one case. Clinical presentations were delay in milestones, seizures, loss of consciousness, unsteady gait, and persistent headache. RESULTS:The cysts decreased in size in five cases after three months and nearly disappeared after three and 15 months in two cases, and in 18 months in the other two. Preoperative symptoms improved in all cases. Insignificant subdural hygroma was found in five cases, one case developed hydrocephalus four months later treated with a ventriculoperitoneal shunt; contralateral massive subdural hematoma occurred in one case four months after surgery evacuated with two burr holes with good clinical outcome. There was neither cerebrospinal fluid leakage, cranial nerve palsy nor mortality. CONCLUSIONS:The fenestration through the lateral pontomesencephalic membrane created a shortcut of cerebrospinal fluid flow to the basal cisterns especially cerebellopontine cistern and represents a reliable option with an acceptable success rate. It creates a good drainage to the large cysts.


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  • Globus Pallidus Internus Deep Brain Stimulation for Traumatic Hemidystonia Following Penetrating Head Injury.

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  • The Potential of Minimally Invasive Surgery to Treat Metastatic Spinal Disease versus Open Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

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  • 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography-Magnetic Resonance Monitoring of Brain Metabolic Changes in a Case of Arteriovenous Malformation-Related Steal Phenomenon Symptoms.

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  • Impact of Laterality on Surgical Outcome of Glioblastoma Patients: A Retrospective Single-Center Study.

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  • Oxygen Embolism and Pneumocephalus After Hydrogen Peroxide Application During Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion Surgery: A Case Report and Literature Review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution is commonly used to irrigate wounds because of its hemostatic and antiseptic properties. Previous studies suggest that H2O2 can result in toxicity to keratinocytes and fibroblasts, but complications after H2O2 application, including oxygen embolism, which is one of the most ...

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  • Clinical and Hemodynamic Features in Moyamoya Disease with Intracranial Aneurysms.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Intracranial aneurysms (IAs) are occasionally associated with moyamoya disease (MMD). The purpose of this study was to elucidate differences between patients with MMD with and without IAs and differences between patients with IAs at different locations. METHODS:Between May 2012 and December 2017, consecutive...

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  • Suprapedicular Retrocorporeal Technique of Transforaminal Full-Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy for Highly Downward-Migrated Disc Herniation.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Anatomical barriers (e.g., pedicles, narrow foramina) can hinder direct access to, and removal of, disc fragments that have migrated far downward. Using transforaminal full-endoscopic lumbar discectomy (FELD), we devised a modified technique, the suprapedicular retrocorporeal approach, for herniations in whic...

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  • Three-Piece Orbitozygomatic Craniotomy: Anatomical and Clinical Findings.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To describe the technical details of 3-piece orbitozygomatic (OZ) craniotomy using a diamond threadwire saw as an alternative to cutting the orbital rim and zygoma. METHODS:The details of this procedure are presented by cadaver dissection and a surgical case. RESULTS:Three-piece OZ craniotomy consists of 3 ...

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  • Rhinacanthin-C, A Fat-Soluble Extract from Rhinacanthus nasutus, Modulates High-Mobility Group Box 1-Related Neuro-Inflammation and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage-Induced Brain Apoptosis in a Rat Model.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:High-mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) was shown to be a major extracellular mediator involved in relayed neuro-inflammation in animals after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). It is of interest to examine the effect of rhinacanthin-C (RCT-C, C25H30O5) on pro-inflammatory cytokines/HMGB1 in an SAH-related early brain ...

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  • Postoperative Ileus: Old and New Observations on Prevention and Treatment in Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery.

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  • Internal Maxillary Artery Bypass with Radial Artery Graft Treatment of Giant Intracranial Aneurysms.

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Hydrocephalus is a well-recognized complication after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH). This study aimed to identify predictors for shunt-dependent hydrocephalus (SDHC) after aSAH via a systematic review and meta-analysis. METHODS:A systematic search was conducted using the Embase, MEDLINE, and Web...

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  • Comparative Analysis of Endoscopic Transorbital Approach and Extended Mini-Pterional Approach for Sphenoid Wing Meningiomas with Osseous Involvement: Preliminary Surgical Results.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Sphenoid wing meningiomas (SWMs) can be treated with complete surgical resection and the recently introduced endoscopic transorbital approach (ETOA) offers a minimally invasive alternative. In this study, the surgical outcome of ETOA and the extended mini-pterional approach (eMPTA) for SWMs with osseous invol...

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  • Gamma knife radiosurgery inhibits angiogenesis of meningiomas: in vivo rat corneal assay.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study is to reveal inhibitory effect of gamma knife irradiation on angiogenesis of meningiomas using rat corneal angiogenesis assay. METHODS:A total of 72 rats were divided into three preliminary groups. Each group, consisting of 24 rats, was implanted to World Health Organization (WHO) grade...

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  • Cost-Utility Analysis of Surgery and Radiotherapy for Symptomatic Spinal Metastases in a Belgian Specialist Center.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Spinal metastases represent the most common site of bony metastases and frequently reduce quality of life. A beneficial effect of surgery and radiotherapy versus radiotherapy alone has been demonstrated in symptomatic patients. The goal of our study was to perform a cost-utility analysis of surgery for spinal...

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  • Long-Term Causes of Death and Excess Mortality After Carotid Artery Ligation.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Carotid artery ligation (CAL) is used to treat large and complex intracranial aneurysms. However, little is known about long-term survival and causes of death in patients who undergo the procedure. This study was intended to evaluate if patients who have undergone CAL have long-term excess mortality and what ...

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  • Virtual Cerebral Aneurysm Clipping with Real-Time Haptic Force Feedback in Neurosurgical Education.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Realistic, safe, and efficient modalities for simulation-based training are highly warranted to enhance the quality of surgical education, and they should be incorporated in resident training. The aim of this study was to develop a patient-specific virtual cerebral aneurysm-clipping simulator with haptic forc...

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  • Bilateral Dysplastic Gangliocytoma with Concurrent Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia: A Case Report and Literature Review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Dysplastic gangliocytoma is a sporadic cerebellar benign tumor with the characteristics of hamartoma and true tumor, also known as Lhermitte-Duclos disease (LDD). Bone fibrous dysplasia (FD) is a slowly progressive self-limited benign bone tissue disease. Cowden syndrome, an autosomal dominant genetic disord...

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  • Biocompatible Amniotic Sac Implant Maintains a Scar-Free Brain Surface During Recurrent Glioma Surgery.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Dissection of brain surface adhesions during recurrent glioma surgery carries a risk of injury to cortical vessels and important surface vessels. We present our experience with the use of BioD film, a biocompatible amniotic membrane implant, to help prevent postoperative adhesions. We describe a novel method...

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  • Traumatic Posterolateral C1-C2 Dislocation Complicated with Locked Lateral Mass and Type II Odontoid Fracture-5-Year Follow-up.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:We sought to document our experience in managing a rare complex of traumatic posterolateral atlantoaxial dislocation combined with locked lateral mass and type II odontoid fracture. METHOD:A 30-year-old male patient was referred to the author's department. He complained of a decrease in neck range of motion ...

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  • Remote Leptomeningeal Dissemination in Olfactory Neuroblastoma Mimicking Multiple Parasagittal Meningiomas: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenge.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Olfactory neuroblastoma (ON) is a highly aggressive and locally recurrent neoplasm. Distant systemic metastases are not uncommon, but remote leptomeningeal dissemination is extremely rare. CASE DESCRIPTION:We report 2 cases of ON previously treated with endoscopic endonasal radical surgical resection and ra...

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    authors: Martinez-Perez R,Hardesty DA,Palmer J,Zachariah M,Otto BA,Carrau RL,Prevedello DM

    更新日期:2020-02-01 00:00:00

  • Predictors of Readmissions and Reoperations Related to Venous Thromboembolic Events After Spine Surgery: A Single-Institution Experience with 6869 Patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Readmission and reoperation are used as hospital and surgeon quality metrics. Venous thromboembolic (VTE) events, including deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism (PE), are a major cause of readmission, morbidity, and mortality after spine surgery. Specific procedural, perioperative, and patient charact...

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    authors: Cloney M,Dhillon ES,Roberts H,Smith ZA,Koski TR,Dahdaleh NS

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  • Pipeline Embolization Device for Recurrent Cerebral Aneurysms after Microsurgical Clipping.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Microsurgical clipping is regarded as the most durable treatment for cerebral aneurysms. Aneurysm recurrence after clipping is uncommon and is associated with an increased risk of rupture. Reoperation for recurrent cerebral aneurysms is particularly challenging because of adhesions and scaring, and it carrie...

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  • Rare Presentation: A Report of 2 Identical Cases with Thoracic Compressive Myelopathy in Down Syndrome.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Atlantoaxial instability, a common finding in patients with Down syndrome (DS), is attributed to laxity of ligamentous structures. Cervical spondylosis identified in these patients has a pathogenesis of ligament laxity and early degeneration compared with the normal population. No cases have been reported sh...

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  • Long-Term Outcome of Endovascular Therapy for Large or Giant Thrombosed Intracranial Aneurysms.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Large or giant thrombosed intracranial aneurysms (LGTIAs) are highly associated with poor prognosis and remain a challenging disease to treat by either surgery or endovascular treatment (EVT). EVT is considered more difficult for complicated aneurysm like LGTIAs. To understand long-term clinical and angiograp...

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