Haploinsufficiency of the TDP43 ubiquitin E3 ligase RNF220 leads to ALS-like motor neuron defects in the mouse.


:TDP43 pathology is seen in a large majority of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) cases, suggesting a central pathogenic role of this regulatory protein. Clarifying the molecular mechanism controlling TDP43 stability and subcellular location might provide important insights into ALS therapy. The ubiquitin E3 ligase RNF220 is involved in different neural developmental processes through various molecular targets in the mouse. Here, we report that the RNF220+/- mice showed progressively decreasing mobility to different extents, some of which developed typical ALS pathological characteristics in spinal motor neurons, including TDP43 cytoplasmic accumulation, atrocytosis, muscle denervation, and atrophy. Mechanistically, RNF220 interacts with TDP43 in vitro and in vivo and promotes its polyubiquitination and proteasomal degradation. In conclusion, we propose that RNF220 might be a modifier of TDP43 function in vivo and contribute to TDP43 pathology in neurodegenerative disease like ALS.


J Mol Cell Biol


Ma P,Li Y,Wang H,Mao B




Has Abstract


2021-01-02 00:00:00








  • Mdm2 as a chromatin modifier.

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  • Ablation of Zfhx4 results in early postnatal lethality by disrupting the respiratory center in mice.

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  • When Shigella tells the cell to hang on.

    abstract::OspE, a Shigella type III effector binds to integrin-like kinase and enhances cell adhesion to better disseminate and colonize the intestinal epithelium. Because of the existence of OspE orthologues in other enteropathogens such as enteropathogenic Escherichia coli or Salmonella sp., maintenance of cell adhesion appea...

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  • Deregulation of tumor suppressive ASXL1-PTEN/AKT axis in myeloid malignancies.

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  • Cancer-associated adipocyte-derived G-CSF promotes breast cancer malignancy via Stat3 signaling.

    abstract::Adipocyte is the most predominant cell type in the tumor microenvironment of breast cancer and plays a pivotal role in cancer progression, yet the underlying mechanisms and functional mediators remain elusive. We isolated primary preadipocytes from mammary fat pads of human breast cancer patients and generated mature ...

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  • AFF3-DNA methylation interplay in maintaining the mono-allelic expression pattern of XIST in terminally differentiated cells.

    abstract::X chromosome inactivation and genomic imprinting are two classic epigenetic regulatory processes that cause mono-allelic gene expression. In female mammals, mono-allelic expression of the long non-coding RNA gene X-inactive specific transcript (XIST) is essential for initiation of X chromosome inactivation upon differ...

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  • microRNA-129-5p, a c-Myc negative target, affects hepatocellular carcinoma progression by blocking the Warburg effect.

    abstract::Deregulation of microRNAs (miRNAs) and c-Myc (Myc) contributes to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) progression, but how miRNAs and Myc regulate each other in hepatocarcinogenesis is still poorly understood. Using a functional screen, we identified miR-129-5p as a miRNA that inhibits HCC cell growth. miR-129-5p targets t...

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