Specific tissue proteins 1 and 6 are involved in root biology during normal development and under symbiotic and pathogenic interactions in Medicago truncatula.


MAIN CONCLUSION:ST1 and ST6 are possibly involved in primary and lateral root and symbiotic nodule development, but only ST6 participates in the interaction with hemibiotrophic fungi. Specific tissue (ST) proteins have been shown to be involved in several processes related to plant nutritional status, development, and responses to biotic agents. In particular, ST1 and ST6 are mainly expressed in roots throughout plant development. Here, we analyze where and how the expression of the genes encoding both proteins are modulated in the legume model plant Medicago truncatula in response to the plant developmental program, nodulation induced by a beneficial nitrogen-fixing bacterium (Sinorhizobium meliloti) and the defense response triggered by a pathogenic hemibiotrophic fungus (Fusarium oxysporum). Gene expression results show that ST1 and ST6 participate in the vasculature development of both primary and lateral roots, although only ST6 is related to meristem activity. ST1 and ST6 clearly display different roles in the biotic interactions analyzed, where ST1 is activated in response to a N2-fixing bacterium and ST6 is up-regulated after inoculation with F. oxysporum. The role of ST1 and ST6 in the nodulation process may be related to nodule organogenesis rather than to the establishment of the interaction itself, and an increase in ST6 correlates with the activation of the salicylic acid signaling pathway during the infection and colonization processes. These results further support the role of ST6 in response to hemibiotrophic fungi. This research contributes to the understanding of the complex network that controls root biology and strengthens the idea that ST proteins are involved in several processes such as primary and lateral root development, nodule organogenesis, and the plant-microbe interaction.






Albornos L,Casado-Del-Castillo V,Martín I,Díaz-Mínguez JM,Labrador E,Dopico B




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