Spore-adsorption: Mechanism and applications of a non-recombinant display system.


:Surface display systems have been developed to express target molecules on almost all types of biological entities from viruses to mammalian cells and on a variety of synthetic particles. Various approaches have been developed to achieve the display of many different target molecules, aiming at several technological and biomedical applications. Screening of libraries, delivery of drugs or antigens, bio-catalysis, sensing of pollutants and bioremediation are commonly considered as fields of potential application for surface display systems. In this review, the non-recombinant approach to display antigens and enzymes on the surface of bacterial spores is discussed. Examples of molecules displayed on the spore surface and their potential applications are summarized and a mechanism of display is proposed.


Biotechnol Adv


Biotechnology advances


Ricca E,Baccigalupi L,Isticato R




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  • Agrin and neuregulin, expanding roles and implications for therapeutics.

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  • Phage display: an important tool in the discovery of peptides with anti-HIV activity.

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