Silencing MdGH3-2/12 in apple reduces cadmium resistance via the regulation of AM colonization.


:Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) can form a symbiotic relationship with most terrestrial plant roots, promote plant growth, and heavy metal (HM) tolerance and thus plays a crucial role in phytoremediation. However, research on the relationship between colonization level and HM tolerance is limited. In this study, apple (Malus domestica) Gretchen Hagen3 genes MdGH3-2/12 silencing plants were treated with four AMF and Cd combination treatments to determine AMF colonization levels, biomass, Cd accumulation, photosynthesis, fluorescence, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and antioxidant substance accumulation, and Cd uptake, transport and detoxification gene expression levels. Results indicate the greater sensitivity of transgenic plants under AMF inoculation and Cd treatment compared with wild type (WT) via lower AMF colonization levels, biomass accumulation, photosynthetic parameters, and the accumulation and clearance homeostasis of ROS, as well as lower detoxification expression levels and higher Cd uptake and transport expression levels. Our study essentially demonstrates that MdGH3-2/12 plays an important role in Cd stress tolerance by regulating AM colonization in apple.






Huang D,Wang Q,Zou Y,Ma M,Jing G,Ma F,Li C




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    abstract::The current study aimed to investigate the impacts of different concentrations of GO/PANI nanocomposites (25, 50 and 100 mg L-1), in comparison with GO and PANI, on seed germination behaviors, morpho-physiological and biochemical traits in intact (mucilaginous) and demucilaged seeds, and young seedlings of the medicin...


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    abstract::Sediments were collected from a stream (upstream, outfall and downstream) receiving copper laden catfish pond effluent to assess toxicity to non-target biota. No significant reduction in Hyalella azteca survival or growth (10 d), or Typha latifolia germination and root and shoot growth (7 d) were observed after exposu...


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