Human Amnion-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in Cirrhotic Patients with Refractory Ascites: A Possible Anti-Inflammatory Therapy for Preventing Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis.


:Cirrhosis is associated with dysregulated immune cell activation and immune dysfunction. These conditions modify gut flora, facilitate bacterial translocation, and increase susceptibility to bacterial peritonitis and consequent systemic infections by dramatically affecting long-term patient survival. Human amnion-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (hA-MSCs) exert immunomodulatory potential benefit, and have the ability to modulate their actions, especially in situations requiring immune activation through mechanisms not fully understood. In this study, we aimed to investigate, in vitro, the immunostimulant or immunosuppressive effects of hA-MSCs on cellular components of ascitic fluid obtained from cirrhotic patients with refractory ascites. We found that hA-MSCs viability is not affected by ascitic fluid and, interestingly, hA-MSCs diminished the pro-inflammatory cytokine production, and promoted anti-inflammatory M2 macrophage polarization. Moreover, we found that there was no simultaneous significant decrease in the M1-like component, allowing a continual phagocytosis activity of macrophages and NK cells to restore a physiological condition. These data highlight the plasticity of hA-MSCs' immunomodulatory capacity, and pave the way to further understanding their role in conditions such as spontaneous bacterial peritonitis.


Stem Cell Rev Rep


Pampalone M,Corrao S,Amico G,Vitale G,Alduino R,Conaldi PG,Pietrosi G




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2021-01-03 00:00:00








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