Neural and Genetic Bases for Human Ability Traits.


:The judgement of human ability is ubiquitous, from school admissions to job performance reviews. The exact make-up of ability traits, however, is often narrowly defined and lacks a comprehensive basis. We attempt to simplify the spectrum of human ability, similar to how five personality traits are widely believed to describe most personalities. Finding such a basis for human ability would be invaluable since neuropsychiatric disease diagnoses and symptom severity are commonly related to such differences in performance. Here, we identified four underlying ability traits within the National Institutes of Health Toolbox normative data (n = 1, 369): (1) Motor-endurance, (2) Emotional processing, (3) Executive and cognitive function, and (4) Social interaction. We used the Human Connectome Project young adult dataset (n = 778) to show that Motor-endurance and Executive and cognitive function were reliably associated with specific brain functional networks (r2 = 0.305 ± 0.021), and the biological nature of these ability traits was also shown by calculating their heritability (31 and 49%, respectively) from twin data.


Front Hum Neurosci


Pinto CB,Bielefeld J,Jabakhanji R,Reckziegel D,Griffith JW,Apkarian AV




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2020-12-16 00:00:00








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  • Brain-to-Brain Coupling in the Gamma-Band as a Marker of Shared Intentionality.

    abstract::Cooperation and competition are two ways of social interaction keys to life in society. Recent EEG-based hyperscanning studies reveal that cooperative and competitive interactions induce an increase in interbrain coupling. However, whether this interbrain coupling effect is just a reflection of inter-subject motor coo...

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  • Dissociation between Semantic Representations for Motion and Action Verbs: Evidence from Patients with Left Hemisphere Lesions.

    abstract::This multiple single case study contrasted left hemisphere stroke patients (N = 6) to healthy age-matched control participants (N = 15) on their understanding of action (e.g., holding, clenching) and motion verbs (e.g., crumbling, flowing). The tasks required participants to correctly identify the matching verb or ass...

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  • Effects of Age on Long Term Memory for Degraded Speech.

    abstract::Prior research suggests that acoustical degradation impacts encoding of items into memory, especially in elderly subjects. We here aimed to investigate whether acoustically degraded items that are initially encoded into memory are more prone to forgetting as a function of age. Young and old participants were tested wi...

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  • Individual differences in distraction by motion predicted by neural activity in MT/V5.

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  • Brightness/darkness induction and the genesis of a contour.

    abstract::Visual contours often result from the integration or interpolation of fragmented edges. The strength of the completion increases when the edges share the same contrast polarity (CP). Here we demonstrate that the appearance in the perceptual field of this integrated unit, or contour of invariant CP, is concomitant with...

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  • Subthreshold Electrical Noise Applied to the Plantar Foot Enhances Lower-Limb Cutaneous Reflex Generation.

    abstract::Reflex responses generated by cutaneous mechanoreceptors of the plantar foot are important for the maintenance of balance during postural tasks and gait. With aging, reflex generation, particularly from fast adapting type I receptors, is reduced, which likely contributes to impaired postural stability in this populati...

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  • Hyperactivation of the habenula as a link between depression and sleep disturbance.

    abstract::Depression occurs frequently with sleep disturbance such as insomnia. Sleep in depression is associated with disinhibition of the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Despite the coincidence of the depression and sleep disturbance, neural substrate for depressive behaviors and sleep regulation remains unknown. Habenula is ...

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