Sunflower metallothionein family characterisation. Study of the Zn(II)- and Cd(II)-binding abilities of the HaMT1 and HaMT2 isoforms.


:Plant metallothioneins (MTs) constitute a family of small Cys-rich proteins capable of coordinating metal ions, significantly differing from microbial and animal MTs. They are divided into four subfamilies depending on the Cys pattern in their sequence. In this work, the MT system of the sunflower plant (Helianthus annuus) has been defined, with ten genes coding for MTs (HaMT) belonging to the four plant MT subfamilies; three HaMT1, four HaMT2, one HaMT3 and two HaMT4 isoforms. The gene expression pattern and capacity to confer metal resistance to yeast cells have been analysed for at least one member of each subfamily. The divalent metal ion-binding abilities of HaMT1-2 and HaMT2-1 (the isoforms encoded by the most abundantly expressed HaMT1 and HaMT2 isogenes) have been characterised, as HaMT3 and HaMT4 were previously studied. Those isoforms constitute an optimum material to study the effect of Cys number variability on their coordination abilities, as they exhibit additional Cys residues regarding the canonical Cys pattern of each subfamily. Our results show that the variation in the number of Cys does not drastically modify their M(II)-binding abilities, but instead modulates the degree of heterogeneity of the corresponding recombinant syntheses. Significantly, the Zn(II)-HaMT1 complexes were highly susceptible to proteolytic cleavage. The recombinant Cd-MT preparations of both isoforms exhibit significant acid-labile sulphide content-Cd6S8 or Cd7S7 species. Overall results suggest that HaMT2-1 is probably associated with Cd(II) detoxification, in contrast to HaMT1-2, which may be more related to physiological functions, such as metal ion transport and delivery.


J Inorg Biochem


Tomas M,Pagani MA,Andreo CS,Capdevila M,Atrian S,Bofill R




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2015-07-01 00:00:00












  • Copper(I) interaction with model peptides of WD6 and TM6 domains of Wilson ATPase: regulatory and mechanistic implications.

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    abstract::Aiming at obtaining new copper complexes with good cytotoxicity against cancer cells, triphenylphosphine (TPP) was introduced to obtain insight into the influence of the co-ligands. In this paper, two copper complexes, Cu(2-pbmq)(CH3OH)Br2 (1) and [Cu(2-pbmq)(TPP)Br]2 (2) were designed, synthesized, and characterized ...

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  • Reactivity pathways for nitric oxide and nitrosonium with iron complexes in biologically relevant sulfur coordination spheres.

    abstract::The interaction of nitric oxide (NO) with iron-sulfur cluster proteins results in the formation of dinitrosyl iron complexes (DNICs) coordinated by cysteine residues from the peptide backbone or with low molecular weight sulfur-containing molecules like glutathione. Such DNICs are among the modes available in biology ...

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  • Magnetic properties of tunicate blood cells. I. Ascidia nigra.

    abstract::The magnetic properties of intact and freeze-dried blood cells of the tunicate Ascidia nigra and of model vanadium(III) and (IV) compounds as polycrystalline solids and in aqueous solution have been measured up to 50 kOe with a SQUID susceptometer. Corrections for the samples' diamagnetism were extracted from the temp...

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  • Stereochemical and biochemical aspects of some organoboron complexes of sulphur donor ligands.

    abstract::Synthetic, structural and biochemical aspects of some organoboron complexes of sulphur containing ligands having ONS and SNNS donor systems have been described. The ligands were prepared by the condensation of 1-phenyl-1,3-butanedione, 2,4-pentanedione, diphenylethanedione, 2,3-butanedione, ethanedial and 1,4-benzened...

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  • Spectroscopic investigation of isonitrile complexes of ferric and ferrous microperoxidase 8.

    abstract::Microperoxidase 8 (MP8) is able to react with alkyl- and aryl-isonitriles (RNC) both in its reduced and oxidized states, to form MP8Fe(II)- and MP8Fe(III)-CNR complexes. The coordination and spin states of these complexes have been fully characterized by UV-visible and resonance Raman spectroscopies. Both MP8Fe(II)- a...

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  • Platinum-based drugs and proteins: reactivity and relevance to DNA adduct formation.

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