Pressure effects on electronic, elastic, and vibration properties of metallic antiperovskite PbNCa3 by ab initio calculations.


:Ab initio computations are performed to study the structural, elastic, electronic, and vibrational characteristics of the cubic antiperovskite compound PbNCa3 under pressure up to 50 GPa. By using the generalized gradient approximation (GGA), the equilibrium structural parameters, energy band structure, density of states, elastic properties, and phonon frequencies for PbNCa3 have been examined. We have obtained some concerned feature as Young modulus and Poisson ratio for this compound using the elastic parameters. The computed elastic constant values show that PbNCa3 is stable up to 30 GPa as mechanically. To assess the stability of this compound dynamically, we have investigated the one-phonon DOS and phonon dispersion relations under pressure. Our results indicate that the calculated structural parameter values at 0 GPa are in accord with the existing data.


J Mol Model


Ciftci YO,Evecen M,Alp İO




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2021-01-03 00:00:00














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    abstract::The formation of selenium species in some biological processes involves the generation of ionic and radical intermediates such as RSe●, RSe-, RSeO●, and RSeO-, among others. We performed a theoretical study of the possible mechanisms for the reaction of the two simplest Se radicals-the hydroselenyl (HSe●) and seleneni...

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  • Search for inhibitors of aminoacyl-tRNA synthases by virtual click chemistry.

    abstract::The increase of multidrug-resistant strains of bacteria to known classes of antibiotics present a severe challenge for modern medicine. The most promising strategy to combat pathogenic bacteria is to discover new drug targets. In this regard, aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases are particularly well suited to develop novel dru...

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  • A joint theoretical and experimental characterization of two acene-thiophene derivatives.

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