Interest in nonsurgical female permanent contraception among men in Portland, Oregon and eastern Maharashtra, India.


OBJECTIVE:We examined the men's attitudes and perceptions toward the concept of female nonsurgical permanent contraception (NSPC) or novel approaches to permanent contraception (PC) that do not require incisions or surgical equipment/hysteroscope. STUDY DESIGN:Cross-sectional survey of married/partnered men in Portland, OR, and rural eastern Maharashtra, India. Descriptive analysis was performed. RESULTS:In India (N=150), most men (80%) anticipated that their partners would undergo PC in the future, compared to 30% in Portland (N=170). About a third (39.6% in India, 82% in Portland) reported being uncomfortable with PC for partners due to the need for surgery. Most men (85% in India, 82% in Portland) expressed a preference for a hypothetical new method of female NSPC over surgery, if safe and effective. CONCLUSION:Most men sampled in two diverse settings expressed interest in NSPC for women. IMPLICATIONS:Men's perceptions of new female contraceptive methods are important to the contraceptive development process. Men may find a safe and effective nonsurgical method of permanent female contraception more acceptable than surgical PC.






Harrington EK,Gordon D,Bahulekar P,Garg BS,Osgood-Roach I,Jensen JT,Aengst J




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  • Effect of a new injectable male contraceptive on the seminal plasma amino acids studied by proton NMR spectroscopy.

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  • Atypical presentation of serious pelvic inflammatory disease following mifepristone-induced medical abortion.

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  • Effects of levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system on glucose and lipid metabolism: a 1-year follow-up study.

    abstract:PURPOSE:This prospective study aimed to assess the possible effects of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) on serum lipids and fasting blood glucose levels over a period of 1 year. METHODS:Forty-eight premenopausal women, attending our gynecology clinic with the complaint of menorrhagia, were en...


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  • Amenorrhea associated with contraception-an international study on acceptability.

    abstract::Surveys undertaken in the 1970s and 1980s suggested that amenorrhea was unacceptable to most women, especially in developing countries. More recent research suggests that increasing numbers of women in the developed world prefer to menstruate less often. In a questionnaire survey of 1001 women attending family-plannin...


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  • Effect of Depo-Provera or Microgynon on the painful crises of sickle cell anemia patients.

    abstract::Forty-three homozygous (SS) female sickle cell anemic patients with a history of at least one painful crisis per month and desiring a reversible contraceptive were administered DMPA/3 months or Microgynon monthly. A third group of 16 surgically sterilized patients served as control. Patients were followed for 1 year t...


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  • Induced cervical ripening with Mifepristone in first trimester abortion. A double-blind randomized biomechanical study.

    abstract::Mifepristone (RU 486; Roussel-Uclaf, Paris, France) is an antiprogesterone used for termination of very early pregnancy. The ripening effect of Mifepristone on the human pregnant cervix was studied in 42 healthy women from 7 to 11 weeks gestation. The women were randomly allocated to oral treatment of either 100 mg Mi...


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  • Expert consensus on a nurse-led model of medication abortion provision in regional and rural Victoria, Australia: a Delphi study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To develop a nurse-led model of medication abortion provision for the primary health care setting of regional and rural Victoria, where, despite decriminalization, access to abortion services is restricted. STUDY DESIGN:This study used a three-round Delphi process to explore consensus about a nurse-led medic...


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    abstract::The separate effect of ethinylestradiol (4 micrograms/kg b.w./day) and d-norgestrel (20 micrograms/kg b.w./day) on the fibrinolytic activity in plasma and in vessel walls of the hind leg was investigated in an experimental study on rats. No hormonal effect on the fibrinolytic activity in plasma was registered. However...


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  • Buccal misoprostol as cervical preparation for second trimester pregnancy termination.

    abstract::The objective of the study was to assess the efficacy of cervical preparation with misoprostol or laminaria suction abortion up to 18 weeks gestation. The study was conducted among a consecutive case series of patients presenting for dilatation and evacuation at a single center. Cervical preparation was effected by ei...


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  • Phase I prehysterectomy studies of the transcervical administration of quinacrine pellets.

    abstract::To determine the safety of transcervical administration of quinacrine pellets as a method of voluntary female sterilization, three noncomparative Phase I clinical trials of the administration of 250 mg quinacrine were carried out in 21 women who were scheduled to undergo hysterectomy 24 h or one month later. Detailed ...


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  • Interaction between phenytoin and norethisterone in the rhesus monkey.

    abstract::The effects of phenytoin treatment on plasma concentrations of norethisterone (NET) was studied in 7 healthy female rhesus monkeys. Before phenytoin treatment was started each monkey received an oral dose of 0.5 mg NET and 2 weeks later the same dose was given intravenously. On both occasions, plasma concentrations of...


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