Interest in nonsurgical female permanent contraception among men in Portland, Oregon and eastern Maharashtra, India.


OBJECTIVE:We examined the men's attitudes and perceptions toward the concept of female nonsurgical permanent contraception (NSPC) or novel approaches to permanent contraception (PC) that do not require incisions or surgical equipment/hysteroscope. STUDY DESIGN:Cross-sectional survey of married/partnered men in Portland, OR, and rural eastern Maharashtra, India. Descriptive analysis was performed. RESULTS:In India (N=150), most men (80%) anticipated that their partners would undergo PC in the future, compared to 30% in Portland (N=170). About a third (39.6% in India, 82% in Portland) reported being uncomfortable with PC for partners due to the need for surgery. Most men (85% in India, 82% in Portland) expressed a preference for a hypothetical new method of female NSPC over surgery, if safe and effective. CONCLUSION:Most men sampled in two diverse settings expressed interest in NSPC for women. IMPLICATIONS:Men's perceptions of new female contraceptive methods are important to the contraceptive development process. Men may find a safe and effective nonsurgical method of permanent female contraception more acceptable than surgical PC.






Harrington EK,Gordon D,Bahulekar P,Garg BS,Osgood-Roach I,Jensen JT,Aengst J




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  • Assessment of contraceptive use in Puerto Rico during the 2016 Zika virus outbreak.

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  • Plasma lipoproteins and fatty acid composition after "minipill".

    abstract::A study of the effect of a low-dose oral contraceptive, Adepal (ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel, 30 and 150 micrograms on the 5th to 12th, 40 and 200 micrograms on the 13th to 28th, respectively) on the blood lipids, lipoproteins and fatty acid composition has been conducted on 13 young women before and after six...


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  • Effectiveness of levonorgestrel emergency contraception given before or after ovulation--a pilot study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although widely used, the mechanisms of action of the levonorgestrel emergency contraceptive pill (LNG ECP) are still unclear. There are increasing data to indicate that LNG is particularly effective as an ECP by interrupting follicular development and ovulation. An important outstanding question is whether ...


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  • A single-blinded randomized controlled trial evaluating pain and opioid use after dilator placement for second-trimester abortion.

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  • Pregnancy outcomes associated with extended use of the 52-mg 20 μg/day levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system beyond 60 months: A chart review of 776 women in Brazil.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess the contraceptive performance of the 52-mg 20 μg/day levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system (LNG-IUS, Mirena; Bayer Oy, Turku, Finland) among women who maintain the same device without changes after 60 months. STUDY DESIGN:This is a chart review study in which we assessed the charts of 766 wo...


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  • Clinical performance of the TCu 380A and Lippes Loop IUDs in three developing countries.

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  • Uterine factors and risk of pregnancy in IUD users: a nested case-control study.

    abstract::Scarce data are available on the relation between the effectiveness of intrauterine device (IUD) and the gynecologic features of a woman. A nested case-control study was conducted to determine whether the uterine position and hysterometry affect the pregnancy rate of copper IUD. Seventy-one cases (pregnant women with ...


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  • Blood hormone levels in egyptian women on norethisterone oenanthate.

    abstract::Ten Egyptian women who were using the injectable contraceptive norethisterone oenanthate (NET-OEN) for at least 6 months were monitored weekly for a period of 12 weeks by measuring 3 pituitary hormones (FSH, LH and prolactin) and 2 ovarian hormones (oestradiol 17-B and progesterone). It was concluded that NET-OEN is a...


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    authors: Saleh FM,Sallam HN,Abdel-Rahman H,Souka AR,El-Sahwi SY,Toppozada HK

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  • Acceptability of Norplant implants for fertility regulation in Singapore.

    abstract::The continuation rate at the end of this five-year clinical study was 60% with no accidental pregnancy occurring throughout the five years. The post-removal conception rate in women desiring pregnancy was 92% at the end of two years. The majority of acceptors described the overall experience with the implants as favou...


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  • A study of co-treatment of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) with misoprostol for cervical priming before suction termination of first trimester pregnancy.

    abstract::This double-blind randomized control study was conducted to evaluate whether a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) could act as an effective pain control method during first trimester suction abortion, and whether co-treatment of NSAID with misoprostol will decrease the efficacy of the cervical ripening effect...


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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To compare the effectiveness of outpatient medical abortion with mifepristone 200 mg and two misoprostol 800 mcg doses at 64-70 and 71-77 days of gestation. STUDY DESIGN:We conducted a retrospective chart review of medical abortion outcomes among clients with 64-77 day gestations at a Mexico City public clin...


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  • A comparison of tamoxifen and misoprostol to misoprostol alone for early pregnancy termination.

    abstract::A study was undertaken to determine whether the combination of oral tamoxifen and moistened misoprostol administered vaginally was superior to that of placebo and moistened misoprostol administered vaginally for elective termination of early pregnancies.A clinical trial was conducted with a study group of 150 healthy ...


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  • A qualitative study of digoxin injection before dilation and evacuation.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:We sought to qualitatively understand patients' experiences with digoxin as a step before dilation and evacuation (D&E). STUDY DESIGN:We recruited English-speaking women from one abortion health center where digoxin is routinely used before D&E. We interviewed participants one to three weeks after the D&E ab...


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    abstract:BACKGROUND:This study investigated the effects of adding levomefolate calcium 0.451 mg (the calcium salt of L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate; Metafolin®) to an oral contraceptive containing ethinylestradiol (EE) 20 mcg/drospirenone (drsp) 3 mg on folate levels in healthy women seeking contraception. STUDY DESIGN:In this ran...


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    authors: Bart S Sr,Marr J,Diefenbach K,Trummer D,Sampson-Landers C

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  • Effect of a new contraceptive ring releasing 20 micrograms levonorgestrel daily on blood lipid levels and glucose tolerance.

    abstract::Fifteen healthy subjects used a contraceptive device, namely an intravaginal ring releasing 20 micrograms levonorgestrel daily, for 12 weeks. High, low and very low density fractions of cholesterol, triglyceride and phospholipids were measured, together with oral glucose tolerance before and after 12 weeks of use. The...


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    authors: Elder MG,Lawson JP,Lucas S,Hamawi A,Trayner I,Fotherby K

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  • Determinants of oral contraceptive use in northern Italy.

    abstract::Socio-demographic characteristics, general lifestyle habits, reproductive and medical histories were compared of 328 women who had ever used oral contraceptives and 2306 never users from a case-control surveillance conducted in Northern Italy. Oral contraceptive use was positively and strongly related with the level o...


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    authors: La Vecchia C,Decarli A,Parazzini F,Gentile A,Negri E,Franceschi S

    更新日期:1986-08-01 00:00:00

  • Prevalence of visible disruption of cervical epithelium and cervical ectopy in African women using Depo-Provera.

    abstract::Associations between Depo-Provera (injectable, progesterone-only contraceptive) use and visible disruption of cervical epithelium and cervical ectopy were investigated using data collected as part of a cervical cancer screening study in periurban Cape Town, South Africa. Women were interviewed about their contraceptiv...


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    authors: Kuhn L,Denny L,Pollack AE,Wright TC

    更新日期:1999-06-01 00:00:00

  • Reversible changes in the content of cellular and microtubular tubulin in spermatogenic cells after gossypol treatment.

    abstract::After exposure of young male rats to gossypol acetic acid for various times, a reduction in the content of cellular and microtubular beta-tubulin was found in spermatocytes and spermatids. The content of tubulin was measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The results were expressed as micrograms tubulin...


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    authors: Teng CS

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  • Women's satisfaction with birth control: a population survey of physical and psychological effects of oral contraceptives, intrauterine devices, condoms, natural family planning, and sterilization among 1466 women.

    abstract::User satisfaction and the physical and psychological effects of five commonly used contraceptive methods were investigated in a population survey among 1466 West German women. The focus was on effects attributed by current and past users to these methods, rather than objectively assessed effects, to shed further light...


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