Pure enantiomers of benzoylamino-tranylcypromine: LSD1 inhibition, gene modulation in human leukemia cells and effects on clonogenic potential of murine promyelocytic blasts.


:The pure enantiomers of the N-(2-, 3-, and 4-(2-aminocyclopropyl)phenyl)benzamides hydrochlorides 11a-j were prepared and tested against LSD1 and MAO enzymes. The evaluation of the regioisomers 11a-j highlighted a net increase of the anti-LSD1 potency by shifting the benzamide moiety from ortho to meta and mainly to para position of tranylcypromine phenyl ring, independently from their trans or cis stereochemistry. In particular, the para-substituted 11a,b (trans) and 11g,h (cis) compounds displayed LSD1 and MAO-A inhibition at low nanomolar levels, while were less potent against MAO-B. The meta analogs 11c,d (trans) and 11i,j (cis) were in general less potent, but more efficient against MAO-A than against LSD1. In cellular assays, all the para and meta enantiomers were able to inhibit LSD1 by inducing Gfi-1b and ITGAM gene expression, with 11b,c and 11g-i giving the highest effects. Moreover, 11b and 11g,h strongly inhibited the clonogenic potential of murine promyelocytic blasts.


Eur J Med Chem


Valente S,Rodriguez V,Mercurio C,Vianello P,Saponara B,Cirilli R,Ciossani G,Labella D,Marrocco B,Monaldi D,Ruoppolo G,Tilset M,Botrugno OA,Dessanti P,Minucci S,Mattevi A,Varasi M,Mai A




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    abstract::Acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC) is a rate-limiting enzyme in de novo fatty acid synthesis, which plays a critical role in the growth and survival of cancer cells. In this study, a series of spiroketopyrazole derivatives bearing quinoline moieties were synthesized, and in vitro anticancer activities of these compounds as ...

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  • Non-chelating p-phenylidene-linked bis-imidazoline analogs of known influenza virus endonuclease inhibitors: Synthesis and anti-influenza activity.

    abstract::A novel chemotype topologically similar to known influenza virus PA endonuclease inhibitors has been designed. It was aimed to reproduce the extended topology of the known metal-chelating ligands with a p-phenylidene-linked bis-imidazoline scaffold. It was envisioned that aromatic groups introduced to this scaffolds v...

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  • Tricyclononene carboxamide derivatives as novel anti-HIV-1 agents.

    abstract::By modifying the chemical structure of anti-orthopoxvirus compound ST-246, we designed and synthesized a series of tricyclononene carboxamide derivatives and tested their anti-HIV-1 activity and cytotoxicity. We found that benzoimidazol-containing compound 7g was highly effective in inhibiting HIV-1 R5 infection with ...

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    abstract::A novel series of 1,2,4-trioxanes were synthesized from 2H-pyrans via photooxidation, and their antiproliferative and growth factor inhibitory activity has been investigated across a variety of human cancer cell lines. Compounds 5k, 5l, 5s, 7a and 7c exhibited the highest activity and selectivity against a human leuke...

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