Concurrent sexual partnerships among young heterosexual adults at increased HIV risk: types and characteristics.


BACKGROUND:The impact of concurrency on sexually transmitted infection transmission depends on coital frequency, condom use, duration of relationship overlap, and number of partners. Previous research has identified distinct concurrency types; however, little is known about their risk characteristics. METHODS:Men (n = 261) and women (n = 275) aged 18 to 30 years at increased risk for acquiring HIV were recruited from community locations in Los Angeles. Participants completed 4 in-person interviews for 12 months. Partnership data were used to characterize the prevalence of 4 types of concurrency: transitional (2 overlapping relationships in which the first relationship ended before the second), single day (a second relationship of 1 day's duration during the course of another relationship), contained (a second relationship >1 day began and ended during the course of another), and multiple (≥3 overlapping relationships). Multilevel random intercept models were used to estimate mean coital frequency, proportion of condom-protected acts, total duration of overlap, and lifetime sex partners. RESULTS:At baseline, 47% of male and 32% of female participants reported any type of concurrency in the previous 4 months, and 26% of men and 10% of women reported multiple concurrencies. Condom use ranged from 56% to 64%, with the highest use in transitional concurrency (61% for men, 68% for women) and the lowest in contained (52% for men, 54% for women). Coital frequency, total overlap, and lifetime sex partners also varied by concurrency type. CONCLUSIONS:Inconsistent condom use and repeated opportunities for exposure characterize common types of concurrency among high-risk young adults.


Sex Transm Dis


Warren JT,Harvey SM,Washburn IJ,Sanchez DM,Schoenbach VJ,Agnew CR




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