Psychosocial functioning in children and young adults with juvenile arthritis.


:A questionnaire survey of 363 children and young adults with juvenile arthritis was conducted to assess the relations among disease severity, psychosocial functioning, and adjustment in three age groups--primary school, high school, and young adult. Parents were surveyed separately to determine which characteristics of the ill child at different ages most significantly impact the well-being of the family. Indices of psychologic functioning and disease severity were associated with adjustment in the primary school and high school groups, whereas measures of social relationships were strongly associated with adjustment only in the high school group. Relations among measures of psychologic functioning, social relationships, disease severity, and adjustment in young adults were minimal. Level of disease severity was associated with the presence of financial concerns, emotional problems, and physical strain in parents of high school children and young adults. The results emphasize the importance of using a developmental model for understanding the adjustment of individuals with chronic juvenile arthritis and their families.






Ungerer JA,Horgan B,Chaitow J,Champion GD


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1988-02-01 00:00:00












  • Parent health and functioning 13 months after infant or child NICU/PICU death.

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  • Longstanding obliterative panarteritis in Kawasaki disease: lack of cyclosporin A effect.

    abstract::Kawasaki disease is a childhood vasculitis of medium-sized vessels, affecting the coronary arteries in particular. We have treated a therapy-resistant child who met all diagnostic criteria for Kawasaki disease. After the boy was given intravenous immunoglobulins and salicylates, as well as several courses of pulsed me...


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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study evaluates the potential association of vaccination and death in the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD). METHODS:The study cohort included individuals ages 9 to 26 years with deaths between January 1, 2005, and December 31, 2011. We implemented a case-centered method to estimate a relative risk (RR) for...


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  • Intracranial pressure: monitoring and normalization therapy in children.

    abstract::The clinical course of 42 children with intracranial pressure monitoring was reviewed. Intracranial hypertension was documented in a variety of diagnostic categories. Therapy was titrated to maintain a baseline intracranial pressure of less than 15 torr (mm Hg), and to decrease the frequency of spontaneous and reactiv...


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  • Soothing pain-elicited distress in Chinese neonates.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To test the effect of nonnutritive sucking (NNS), music therapy (MT), and combined NNS and MT (NNS + MT), versus no intervention, on heart rate, transcutaneous oxygen (TcPaO(2)) levels, and pain behavior of neonates in intensive care units having blood taken by a heel-stick procedure. METHODOLOGY:A within-su...


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