Vascular anatomy of the upper extremity muscles.


:This study delineates the vascular anatomy of the upper extremity with particular attention toward the size, location, and number of vascular pedicles supplying each muscle. Ten cadaver upper extremities were dissected. A total of 440 muscles and 2209 pedicles were identified. The major "named" arterial source, number of pedicles, and pattern of perfusion for each muscle were delineated. Detailed description of the vascular anatomy of muscles commonly used for tendon transfer and local flaps is presented. The potential use of the coracobrachialis flap for contouring the infraclavicular area is elucidated. The anatomic bases of the anconeus and flexor carpi ulnaris flaps are confirmed. The radial and ulnar arteries may be used as microvascular donor or recipient vessels without compromising forearm muscle perfusion.


Plast Reconstr Surg


Parry SW,Ward JW,Mathes SJ




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1988-03-01 00:00:00












  • Pearls and perils of caring for the postbariatric body contouring patient.

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  • The reverse-flow posterior tibial artery island flap: anatomic study and 72 clinical cases.

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  • Factors Associated with Primary and Secondary Amputation following Limb-Threatening Upper Extremity Trauma.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The aim of this study was to assess the factors associated with primary and secondary amputation in patients with limb-threatening trauma to the upper extremity, describe the incidence of these injuries, and describe the procedures involved in the treatment of these difficult injuries. METHODS:A retrospecti...

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  • Preoperative sizing in breast augmentation.

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  • Five Steps to Internal Mammary Vessel Preparation in Less than 15 Minutes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Modern breast reconstruction often involves microvascular reconstruction. The most common recipient vessels are the internal mammary artery and vein. Recently, there has been great focus on efficiency, but much of this emphasis has been directed to faster flap harvest or recovery protocols for expeditious di...

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  • Discrepancies in Parent Perceptions and Patient-Reported Psychosocial Function in Children with Craniofacial Anomalies.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Understanding and optimizing psychosocial functioning in children with craniofacial anomalies are essential components of their reconstructive care. This work compared parental perceptions to pediatric self-reported psychosocial functioning in children with craniofacial anomalies. METHODS:Two hundred twenty...

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  • Inferior External Pudendal Artery Anastomosis: Additional Approach to Prevent Skin Necrosis in Replanted Penis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Microsurgical anastomosis of the dorsal artery of the penis either with or without anastomosis of the cavernosal artery is the preferred technique for penile replantation. However, postoperative penile skin necrosis is commonly reported with this technique. This study aimed to characterize the anatomy of the...

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  • The importance of a skin bridge in peripheral tissue perfusion in perforator flaps.

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  • Beyond working hours: part I. Genesis and current difficulties.

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  • Redefining the ideal nasolabial angle: Part 2. Expert analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The nasolabial angle is the angle between the line drawn through the midpoint of the nostril aperture and a line drawn perpendicular to the Frankfort horizontal plane while intersecting subnasale. Previous analysis by the authors' department yielded closer ranges between men and women of 96 and 98 degrees, r...

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  • Definitive diagnosis of breast implant rupture using magnetic resonance imaging.

    abstract::Breast implant rupture is an important complication of augmented and reconstructed breasts. Although several techniques such as mammography, xeromammography, ultrasound, thermography, and computed tomographic (CT) scanning have been proven to be useful to detect implant rupture, they have several disadvantages and lac...

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  • Long-lasting results with hydroxylapatite (Radiesse) facial filler.

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  • Rhinoplasty: a simplified, three-stitch, open tip suture technique. Part I: primary rhinoplasty.

    abstract::Tip suture techniques offer a reliable and dramatic method of tip modification without needing to interrupt the alar rim strip or add tip grafts. The present simplified three-stitch technique consists of the following: (1) a strut suture to fix the columella strut between the crura, (2) bilateral domal creation suture...

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  • Prospective photographic measurement study of 196 cases of breast augmentation, mastopexy, augmentation/mastopexy, and breast reduction.

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  • Tensional forces influence gene expression and sutural state of rat calvariae in vitro.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Theories regarding the cause of craniosynostosis that are more than 15 years old cite the role that tensional forces play in the normal and abnormal development of the cranial suture. These theories highlight the effect of stress bands originating from the skull base to the vertex, guiding sutural developmen...

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  • Minimizing the pain of local anesthesia injection.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Local anesthetic injection is often cited in literature as the most painful part of minor procedures. It is also very possible for all doctors to get better at giving local anesthesia with less pain for patients. The purpose of this article is to illustrate and simplify how to inject local anesthesia in an a...

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  • Cranioplasty in the growing canine skull using demineralized perforated bone.

    abstract::This study was designed to test the hypothesis that demineralized perforated bone matrix implant from canine skull and tibia induces new bone formation within the calvarial defect comparable with the bone induced by autogenous graft. We also were interested in determining whether demineralized perforated bone matrix i...

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  • Preoperative imaging for DIEA perforator flaps: a comparative study of computed tomographic angiography and doppler ultrasound.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Abdominal donor-site flaps, including the transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous (TRAM) and deep inferior epigastric artery (DIEA) perforator flaps, are standard in autologous breast reconstruction. With significant variation in the vascular anatomy of the abdominal wall, preoperative imaging is essent...

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  • Long-term histopathologic evaluation of human expanded skin.

    abstract::Forty-two patients operated on by skin expansion have been contacted after a mean time of 25 months from the last surgery. Two biopsies have been taken from the expanded area of each patient. In 12 patients it has been possible to obtain a similar sampling from the opposite, nonexpanded area of the body. The samples u...

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  • Middle Eastern rhinoplasty in the United States: Part II. Secondary rhinoplasty.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There have been relatively few articles in the English language on secondary Middle Eastern rhinoplasty. This article analyzes the cause and treatment of secondary Middle Eastern rhinoplasty. METHODS:A prospective study of 40 consecutive female secondary Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patients was completed. R...

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  • Mental health histories and psychiatric medication usage among persons who sought cosmetic Surgery.

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  • Priorities in plastic surgery.

    abstract::The study of historical priorities in plastic surgery must be based on established principles in the field instead of mere chronology. Examples of application of these principles to two landmarks in plastic surgery are given. The reader is commended to adhere to these principles in the study of other developments in p...

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  • Long-term persistence of tissue-engineered adipose flaps in a murine model to 1 year: an update.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Tissue engineering of patient-specific adipose tissue has the potential to revolutionize reconstructive surgery. Numerous models have been described for the production of adipose tissue with success in the short term, but little has been reported on the stability of this tissue-engineered fat beyond 4 months...

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  • Breast reconstruction after mastectomy using the temporary expander.

    abstract::Breast reconstruction after a radical mastectomy using the temporary subcutaneous tissue expander is described. The main principle of this method is recovery of the amount of lost tissue through expansion of the remaining chest skin to large proportions and filling of the breast envelope with a smaller permanent mamma...

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