Case report: Oral manifestations of systemic amyloidosis, an aid to diagnosis of multiple myeloma - report of two cases.


BACKGROUND:Amyloidosis is the term applied to a diverse group of disorders that share the features of deposition of amorphous, extracellular material at various sites. Amyloid deposits may occur locally or may involve various organs, resulting number of clinical manifestations. Amyloidosis of the head and neck is rare and reflects underlying plasma cell dyscrasia. METHODS:A 57-year-old female patient presented with multiple painful oral ulcerative lesions on tongue and bilateral buccal mucosa for 1year and 6 months duration and a 76-year old male patient with small yellowish nodules on mucosal surfaces of the tongue and buccal mucosa. Results both cases histopathologically diagnosed as amyloidosis. Further investigations confirmed multiple myeloma. CONCLUSION:unusual oral lesions could be the first sign of systemic diseases such as multiple myeloma that account the significance of the role of the oral and maxillofacial specialists and dental surgeons.


Dissanayaka DWVN,Bandara HMMR,Sabesan T,Mohomed YS,Siriwardena BSMS




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