Implementation of a Standardized Approach to Improve the Pediatric Discharge Medication Process.


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES:The pediatric inpatient discharge medication process is complicated, and caregivers have difficulty managing instructions. Authors of few studies evaluate systematic processes for ensuring quality in these care transitions. We aimed to improve caregiver medication management and understanding of discharge medications by standardizing the discharge medication process. METHODS:An interprofessional team at an urban, tertiary care children's hospital trialed interventions to improve caregiver medication management and understanding. These included mnemonics to aid in complete medication counseling, electronic medical record enhancements to standardize medication documentation and simplify dose rounding, and housestaff education. The primary outcome measure was the proportion of discharge medication-related failures in each 4-week period. Failure was defined as an incorrect response on ≥1 survey questions. Statistical process control was used to analyze improvement over time. Process measures related to medication documentation and dose rounding were compared by using the χ2 test and process control. RESULTS:Special cause variation occurred in the mean discharge medication-related failure rate, which decreased from 70.1% to 36.1% and was sustained. There were significantly more complete after-visit summaries (21.0% vs 85.1%; P < .001) and more patients with simplified dosing (75.2% vs 95.6%; P < .001) in the intervention period. Special cause variation also occurred for these measures. CONCLUSIONS:A systematic approach to standardizing the discharge medication process led to improved caregiver medication management and understanding after pediatric inpatient discharge. These changes could be adapted by other hospitals to enhance the quality of this care transition.






Philips K,Zhou R,Lee DS,Marrese C,Nazif J,Browne C,Sinnett M,Tuckman S,Modi A,Rinke ML




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  • Nasal continuous positive airway pressure and early surfactant therapy for respiratory distress syndrome in newborns of less than 30 weeks' gestation.

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  • Ethical issues in pediatric surgery: a national survey of pediatricians and pediatric surgeons.

    abstract::The findings reported in this article are based on a nationwide survey of the attitudes and practices of pediatric surgeons and pediatricians with respect to some of the difficult ethical choices confronting them in medical practice. Four hundred fifty-seven physicians completed a questionnaire in the spring of 1975 i...


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  • Ammonia encephalopathy secondary to urinary tract infection with Proteus mirabilis.

    abstract::Hyperammonemia with coma, tachypnea, and respiratory alkalosis developed in a 3-year-old boy with prune"-belly syndrome during a urinary tract infection with Proteus mirabilis. Hyperammonemia is thought to have resulted from the production within the massively dilated urinary tract of excessive amounts of ammonia due ...


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  • Rumination--a new complication of neonatal intensive care.

    abstract::The infant rumination syndrome has not been previously reported in a neonatal intensive care setting. We recently managed three infants in our newborn intensive care unit who developed rumination following chronic courses in the unit. The events leading to this condition in each infant are described, as well as the su...


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  • Improved outcomes associated with medical home implementation in pediatric primary care.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The medical home model with its emphasis on planned care, care coordination, family-centered approaches, and quality provides an attractive concept construct for primary care redesign. Studies of medical home components have shown increased quality and reduced costs, but the medical home model as a whole has ...


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