East asian variant of aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 is associated with coronary spastic angina: possible roles of reactive aldehydes and implications of alcohol flushing syndrome.


BACKGROUND:Coronary spastic angina (CSA) is a common disease among East Asians, including Japanese. The prevalence of alcohol flushing syndrome associated with deficient activity of the variant aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2*2) genotype is prevalent among East Asians. We examined whether CSA is associated with the ALDH2*2 genotype in Japanese. METHODS AND RESULTS:The study subjects consisted of 202 patients in whom intracoronary injection of acetylcholine was performed by angiography on suspicion of CSA (119 men and 83 women; mean age, 66.2±11.4 years). They were divided into CSA (112 patients) and control groups (90 patients). ALDH2 genotyping was performed by the direct application of the TaqMan polymerase chain reaction system on dried whole blood. Clinical and laboratory data were examined using conventional methods. The frequencies of male sex, ALDH2*2 genotype carriers, alcohol flushing syndrome, tobacco smoking, and the plasma level of uric acid were higher (P<0.001, P<0.001, P<0.001, P<0.001, and P=0.007, respectively) and the plasma high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels were lower (P<0.001) in the CSA group than in the control group. The multivariable logistic regression analysis revealed that ALDH2*2 genotype and smoking were significantly associated with CSA (P<0.001 and P=0.024, respectively). CONCLUSIONS:East Asian variant ALDH2*2 genotypes and, hence, deficient ALDH2 activity were associated with CSA in Japanese. These data support further investigation of treatment targeting aldehydes for CSA.






Mizuno Y,Harada E,Morita S,Kinoshita K,Hayashida M,Shono M,Morikawa Y,Murohara T,Nakayama M,Yoshimura M,Yasue H




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    abstract::We studied 14 patients to determine whether sustained-release diltiazem is a satisfactory long-term substitute for the combination of propranolol plus hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ), control phase, in the treatment of systemic hypertension with coexisting chronic stable angina pectoris. All patients had either one- or two...


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    abstract:BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE:The guidelines presented in this consensus statement are intended to serve researchers, clinicians, reviewers, and regulators in the selection of the most appropriate primary outcome for a clinical trial of cardiac arrest therapies. The American Heart Association guidelines for the treatment of c...


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  • A new strategy for the assessment of viable myocardium and regional myocardial blood flow using 15O-water and dynamic positron emission tomography.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:We have developed a new measure of myocardial viability, the water-perfusable tissue index (PTI), which is calculated from transmission, C15O, and H2(15)O positron emission tomography (PET) data sets. It is defined as the proportion of the total anatomical tissue within a given region of interest (ROI) that ...


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  • Indium 111-monoclonal antimyosin antibody imaging in the diagnosis of acute myocarditis.

    abstract::A definitive diagnosis of myocarditis requires right ventricular biopsy. Despite its specificity, however, right ventricular biopsy may lack sensitivity due to the focal nature of the disease. Because indium 111-monoclonal antimyosin antibody imaging can be used to detect myocardial necrosis, this procedure was perfor...


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  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivorship: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association.

    abstract::Cardiac arrest systems of care are successfully coordinating community, emergency medical services, and hospital efforts to improve the process of care for patients who have had a cardiac arrest. As a result, the number of people surviving sudden cardiac arrest is increasing. However, physical, cognitive, and emotiona...


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