The development and utility of a novel scale that quantifies the glycemic progression toward type 1 diabetes over 6 months.


OBJECTIVE:We developed a scale to serve as a potential end point for 6-month glycemic progression (PS6M) toward type 1 diabetes (T1D) in autoantibody-positive relatives of individuals with T1D. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:The PS6M was developed from Diabetes Prevention Trial-Type 1 (DPT-1) data and tested in the TrialNet Pathway to Prevention Study (PTP). It is the difference between 6-month glucose sum values (30-120 min oral glucose tolerance test values) and values predicted for nonprogressors. RESULTS:The PS6M predicted T1D in the PTP (P < 0.001). The area under the receiver operating chacteristic curve was greater (P < 0.001) for the PS6M than for the baseline-to-6-month difference. PS6M values were higher in those with two or more autoantibodies, 30-0 min C-peptide values <2.00 ng/mL, or DPT-1 Risk Scores >7.00 (P < 0.001 for all). CONCLUSIONS:The PS6M is an indicator of short-term glycemic progression to T1D that could be a useful tool for assessing preventive treatments and biomarkers.


Diabetes Care


Diabetes care


Sosenko JM,Skyler JS,Beam CA,Boulware D,Mahon JL,Krischer JP,Greenbaum CJ,Rafkin LE,Matheson D,Herold KC,Palmer JP,Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet and Diabetes Prevention Trial–Type 1 Study Groups.




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  • Markers of platelet activation are increased in adolescents with type 2 diabetes.

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  • Sleep Disturbances and Glucose Metabolism in Older Adults: The Cardiovascular Health Study.

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  • Beneficial effects of a soy-based dietary supplement on lipid levels and cardiovascular risk markers in type 2 diabetic subjects.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Consumption of soy protein has recently been shown to improve the blood lipid levels in nondiabetic subjects. The purpose of this study was to evaluate if a dietary supplement of soy protein, isoflavones, and cotyledon fiber (Abalon) affects cardiovascular risk markers, blood glucose, and insulin levels in ty...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Insulin pump therapy (continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion [CSII]) and multiple daily injections (MDIs) with insulin glargine as basal insulin and mealtime insulin lispro have not been prospectively compared in people naïve to either regimen in a multicenter study. We aimed to help close that deficiency. ...

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  • Dyslipidemias among normoglycemic members of familial NIDDM pedigrees.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine the hypothesis that hyperinsulinemia among relatives of NIDDM probands will increase the prevalence of DLPs, we measured insulin levels and examined the frequency of DLPs among NIDDM pedigree members. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:We performed 2-h 75-g OGTTs and measured lipid and insulin levels of ...

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  • Replacement of Red and Processed Meat With Other Food Sources of Protein and the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in European Populations: The EPIC-InterAct Study.

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  • Evaluation of capillary collection system for HbA1c specimens.

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  • Ethnic and racial differences in diabetes care: The Insulin Resistance Atherosclerosis Study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Diabetes and its complications disproportionately affect African Americans and Hispanics. Complications could be prevented with appropriate medical care. We compared five processes of care and three outcomes of care among African Americans, Hispanics, and non-Hispanic whites. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:We u...

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  • Implementing a state-based cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention program.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate weight loss and cardiometabolic risk reduction achieved through an adapted Diabetes Prevention Program intervention among adults at high risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:Eight health care facilities implemented a group-based lifestyle intervention be...

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  • No loss of chance of diabetic retinopathy screening by endocrinologists with a digital fundus camera.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To compare the efficacy of the diabetic retinopathy (DR) screening with digital camera by endocrinologists with that by specialist and resident ophthalmologists in terms of sensitivity, specificity, and level of "loss of chance." RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:In a cross-sectional study, 500 adult diabetic pati...

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  • Enzymatic glucose electrodes.

    abstract::Enzymatic electrodes are described for the specific and sensitive determination of glucose in blood. The probes are based on the conversion of B-D-glucose by glucose oxidase chemically attached to the surface of a Pt electrode. The peroxide liberated is sensed by measurement of the current generated at +0.7 volts vs. ...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:We aimed to study the association of breast-feeding duration and age at the introduction of solid foods with the risk of islet autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes in genetically susceptible children. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:Newborns were recruited from the Norwegian general population during 2001-2007. Afte...

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  • Personal computer programs to assist with self-monitoring of blood glucose and self-adjustment of insulin dosage.

    abstract::We have developed computer programs in compiled BASIC for the IBM-PC and compatible microcomputers for use by physicians, paramedical personnel, and/or patients to assist with self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) and self-adjustment of insulin dosage. The programs can potentially assist with patient education and m...

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  • The effects of health beliefs on weight loss in individuals at high risk for NIDDM.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine whether perceived risk and other health beliefs held by individuals at high risk for developing NIDDM predict weight loss and behavior change during a behavioral weight loss program to reduce the risk of NIDDM. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:Health beliefs and objective risk factors for diabetes we...

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  • High concentrations of AGE-LDL and oxidized LDL in circulating immune complexes are associated with progression of retinopathy in type 1 diabetes.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine whether immunocomplexes (ICs) containing advanced glycation end product (AGE)-LDL (AGE-LDL) and oxidized LDL (oxLDL) contribute to the development of retinopathy over a 16-year period in subjects with type 1 diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:Levels of AGE-LDL and oxLDL in ICs were measured i...

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  • Impact of iron deficiency anemia on prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Increased Hb and ferritin have been associated with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). This study was performed to determine whether the prevalence of GDM is influenced by iron deficiency anemia. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:In a retrospective case-control study, 242 women with iron deficiency anemia (Hb<10...

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  • The Effect of DPT-1 Intravenous Insulin Infusion and Daily Subcutaneous Insulin on Endogenous Insulin Secretion and Postprandial Glucose Tolerance.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate the effect of parenteral insulin therapy on endogenous insulin secretion in the Diabetes Prevention Trial-Type 1 (DPT-1). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:In the parenteral insulin arm of DPT-1, subjects without diabetes at high risk of future type 1 diabetes randomized to active treatment received...

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  • Health Care Utilization and Burden of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in the U.S. Over the Past Decade: A Nationwide Analysis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases and a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the U.S. Although our ability to treat diabetes and its associated complications has significantly improved, presentation with uncontrolled diabetes leading to ketoacidosis remains a significant problem. RES...

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  • Diabetes mellitus in Tohon O'odham pregnancies.

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  • Impaired glycemia and diabetic polyneuropathy: the OC IG Survey.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To test whether diabetic polyneuropathies (DPNs), retinopathy, or nephropathy is more prevalent in subjects with impaired glycemia (IG) (abnormality of impaired fasting glucose [IFG], impaired glucose tolerance [IGT], or impaired HbA(1c) [IA1C]) than in healthy subjects (non-IG). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:...

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    authors: Dyck PJ,Clark VM,Overland CJ,Davies JL,Pach JM,Dyck PJ,Klein CJ,Rizza RA,Melton LJ 3rd,Carter RE,Klein R,Litchy WJ

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  • Diet-quality scores and the risk of type 2 diabetes in men.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To 1) compare associations of diet-quality scores, which were inversely associated with cardiovascular disease, with incident type 2 diabetes and 2) test for differences in absolute-risk reduction across various strata. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:Men from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, who were i...

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    authors: de Koning L,Chiuve SE,Fung TT,Willett WC,Rimm EB,Hu FB

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  • Concordance for type 1 diabetes in identical twins is affected by insulin genotype.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Monozygotic twins are usually discordant (only one twin affected) for type 1 diabetes. Discordance for disease between such twins implies a role for nongenetically determined factors but could also be influenced by a decreased load of diabetes susceptibility genes. The aim of this study was to determine wheth...

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    authors: Metcalfe KA,Hitman GA,Rowe RE,Hawa M,Huang X,Stewart T,Leslie RD

    更新日期:2001-05-01 00:00:00

  • Effects of gastric bypass surgery in patients with type 2 diabetes and only mild obesity.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) ameliorates type 2 diabetes in severely obese patients through mechanisms beyond just weight loss, and it may benefit less obese diabetic patients. We determined the long-term impact of RYGB on patients with diabetes and only class I obesity. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:Sixty-...

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    authors: Cohen RV,Pinheiro JC,Schiavon CA,Salles JE,Wajchenberg BL,Cummings DE

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  • Predicting the development of diabetes in older adults: the derivation and validation of a prediction rule.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To create a simple prediction rule that could perform as well as the 2-h postchallenge plasma glucose (PCPG) test to predict those at risk for diabetes. We created a prediction rule in one sample and prospectively validated it for incident diabetes in a separate cohort. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:A cross-se...

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    authors: Kanaya AM,Wassel Fyr CL,de Rekeneire N,Shorr RI,Schwartz AV,Goodpaster BH,Newman AB,Harris T,Barrett-Connor E

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  • Effects of breakfast cereals containing various amounts of beta-glucan fibers on plasma glucose and insulin responses in NIDDM subjects.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine whether increasing doses (amounts) of beta-glucan present in an extruded breakfast cereal affect the glycemic and insulinemic responses in eight NIDDM subjects, compared with the same responses after a continental breakfast (bread, milk, cheese, ham). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:Breakfast cereal...

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  • Pancreas transplantation improves vascular disease in patients with type 1 diabetes.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Pancreas transplantation (PTX) normalizes glucose and improves microvascular complications, but its impact on macrovascular disease is still debated. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS:Carotid intima-media thickness (IMT), shown to correlate with cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk and events, was determined prospect...

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