Robot-assisted stereotactic biopsies in 377 consecutive adult patients with supratentorial diffuse gliomas: diagnostic yield, safety and postoperative outcomes.


BACKGROUND:Multiple biopsy samples are warranted for the histomolecular diagnosis of diffuse gliomas in the current molecular era, which possibly increases morbidity. OBJECTIVE:We assessed diagnostic yield, safety, and risk factors of postoperative morbidity after robot-assisted serial stereotactic biopsy sampling along 1 biopsy trajectory for diffuse gliomas. METHODS:Observational retrospective analysis of consecutive magnetic resonance imaging-based robot-assisted stereotactic biopsies performed at a single institution to assess the diagnosis of nonresectable newly diagnosed supratentorial diffuse gliomas in adults (2006-2016). RESULTS:In 377 patients, 4.2 ± 1.9 biopsy samples were obtained at 2.6 ± 1.2 biopsy sites. The histopathologic diagnosis was obtained in 98.7% of cases. Preoperative neurologic deficit (P = 0.030), biopsy site hemorrhage ≥20 mm (P = 0.004), and increased mass effect on postoperative imaging (P = 0.014) were predictors of a new postoperative neurologic deficit (7.7%). Postoperative neurologic deficit (P < 0.001) and increased mass effect on postoperative imaging (P = 0.014) were predictors of a Karnofsky Performance Status decrease ≥20 points postoperatively (4.0%). Increased intracranial pressure preoperatively (P = 0.048) and volume of the contrast-enhanced area ≥13 cm3 (P = 0.048) were predictors of an increased mass effect on postoperative imaging (4.4%). Preoperative Karnofsky Performance Status <70 (P = 0.045) and increased mass effect on postoperative imaging (P < 0.001) were predictors of mortality 1 month postoperatively (2.9%). Preoperative neurologic deficit (P = 0.005), preoperative Karnofsky Performance Status <70 (P < 0.001), subventricular zone contact (P = 0.004), contrast enhancement (P = 0.018), and steroid use (P = 0.003), were predictors of the inability to discharge to home postoperatively (37.0%). CONCLUSIONS:Robot-assisted stereotactic biopsy sampling results in high diagnostic accuracy with low complication rates. Multiple biopsy sites and samples do not increase postoperative complications.


World Neurosurg


World neurosurgery


Zanello M,Roux A,Senova S,Peeters S,Edjlali M,Espariat AT,Dezamis E,Parraga E,Zah-Bi G,Harislur M,Oppenheim C,Sauvageon X,Chretien F,Devaux B,Varlet P,Pallud J




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    abstract::We studied a poorly known form of cerebrospinal fluid hypotension characterized by cervical myelopathy, a considerable growth in volume of the venous plexus of the cervical spine, and absence of headache. This form was first described by Miyazaki. We reported a case brought to our attention, reviewed the literature, a...

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    abstract::This case Video 1 demonstrates a microsurgical technique for trapping and excision of 2 ruptured mycotic aneurysms. The patient was a 64-year-old man with severe mitral regurgitation and valvular vegetations suggestive of endocarditis. On examination, the patient presented with speech difficulty. Preoperative imaging ...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVES:In complex lumbosacral lipomatous malformation or retethering, 'crotch' dissection, an incision on the dura or lipoma at the site lateral to the lipoma-cord fusion line saving underlying roots, is often not easy. Attempts of this dissection in complex and obscured conditions may cause damage to the spinal co...

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