Large-scale basin testing to simulate realistic oil droplet distributions from subsea release of oil and the effect of subsea dispersant injection.


:Small-scale experiments performed at SINTEF, Norway in 2011-12 led to the development of a modified Weber scaling algorithm. The algorithm predicts initial oil droplet sizes (d50) from a subsea oil and gas blowout. It was quickly implemented in a high number of operational oil spill models used to predict fate and effect of subsea oil releases both in academia and in the oil industry. This paper presents experimental data from large-scale experiments generating oil droplet data in a more realistic multi-millimeter size range for a subsea blow-out. This new data shows a very high correlation with predictions from the modified Weber scaling algorithm both for untreated oil and oil treated by dispersant injection. This finding is opposed to earlier studies predicting significantly smaller droplets, using a similar approach for estimating droplet sizes, but with calibration coefficients that we mean are not representative of the turbulence present in such releases.


Mar Pollut Bull


Brandvik PJ,Davies E,Leirvik F,Johansen Ø,Belore R




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2021-01-04 00:00:00












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  • Benthic community status and mobilization of Ni, Cu and Co at abandoned sea deposits for mine tailings in SW Norway.

    abstract::During 1960-94 tailings from an ilmenite mine in southwest Norway were placed in sea deposits in a sheltered fjord and a more exposed coastal basin. In 2015 both deposit sites were sampled to assess the state of metal contamination and macrobenthic communities 20-30 years after deposition was ended. The results showed...

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  • Sewage impacts coral reefs at multiple levels of ecological organization.

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  • Managing coastal bathing water quality: the contribution of microbiology and epidemiology.

    abstract::The EU Bathing Water Directive with a life of 25 years (EEC, 1976) has contributed significantly to the improvement of the quality of coastal recreational waters throughout Europe and has successfully protected public health. Improvement of the standards of living and general public demands has made it necessary to co...

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  • A particle-tracking model for simulating pollutant dispersion in the Strait of Gibraltar.

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