Transcriptional and metabolic effects of glucocorticoid receptor α and β signaling in zebrafish.


:In humans and zebrafish, 2 glucocorticoid (GC) receptor (GR) splice variants exist: the canonical GR α-isoform (GRα), and the GRβ. In the present study, we have used the zebrafish model system in order to reveal genes affected by each of these 2 receptor isoforms. By injecting zebrafish embryos with different splice-blocking morpholinos, we could knock down both GR isoforms or could target the alternative splicing of the GR pre-mRNA in favor of the GRβ. In addition, specific GRβ overexpression was achieved by injecting mRNA. Embryos were treated with the synthetic GC dexamethasone, and transcriptome analysis was performed. Two distinct gene clusters were found that were regulated by GRα: one that was regulated by GRα under basal conditions (presence of endogenous cortisol only), and one that was regulated upon increased activation of GRα (using a pharmacological dose of dexamathasone). GRβ may act as a dominant-negative inhibitor of GRα when GRβ is overexpressed and the GRα expression level is knocked down simultaneously. However, without GRα knockdown, no evidence for this activity was found. In addition, the data indicate regulation of gene transcription through other mechanisms of action by GRβ. We also investigated the concentrations of several metabolites using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. We found that dexamethasone treatment and knockdown of GRα together with overexpression of GRβ had opposite effects on glucose, amino acid, and fatty acid levels. Thus, we have shed new light on the molecular mechanisms of GC-induced effects on metabolism, which are known to increase the risk of obesity, hyperglycemia, and diabetes.






Chatzopoulou A,Roy U,Meijer AH,Alia A,Spaink HP,Schaaf MJ




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    abstract::Rat reticulocytes contain a cytosol activator protein (RCAP) that augments hormone-sensitive adenylate cyclase activity in the rat reticulocyte and other systems. In a previous publication, using a highly purified preparation of RCAP, we reported that the stimulatory guanine nucleotide-binding protein (Ns) was require...


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  • Lack of effect of vitamin D and its metabolites on intestinal phosphate transport in familial hypophosphatemia of mice.

    abstract::Intestinal calcium and phosphate transport was studied in normal and hypophosphatemic mice fed a variety of dietary regimens with and without vitamin D. Regardless of dietary phosphorus levels, the genetic hypophosphatemic mice had drastically reduced levels of serum inorganic phosphate and intestinal phosphate transp...


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  • ER and PR in renomedullary interstitial cells during Syrian hamster estrogen-induced tumorigenesis: evidence for receptor-mediated oncogenesis.

    abstract::The estrogen-induced and -dependent Syrian hamster renal tumor is the most intensively studied model in estrogen carcinogenesis. Yet, it remains confounding that the kidney of this species behaves as an estrogen target tissue. As both reproductive and urinary systems arise from the same germinal ridge, we propose that...


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