New onset idiosyncratic liver enzyme elevations with biological therapy in inflammatory bowel disease.


BACKGROUND:Anti-tumour necrosis factor α (anti-TNF) agents have been implicated in drug-induced liver injury. There is minimal data on this occurrence in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients. AIM:To identify the characteristics of liver enzyme elevations following anti-TNF therapy initiation in IBD. METHODS:A retrospective cohort of patients initiating anti-TNF therapy were analysed for new onset alanine transaminase (ALT) elevation (≥60 U/L). We collected data on natural history, outcomes and patient characteristics compared with controls with persistent normal liver enzymes. Likelihood of causal association was assessed using the RUCAM score. RESULTS:From 1753 patients initiating an anti-TNF (1170 infliximab, 575 adalimumab, 8 certolizumab), 102 (6%) developed new onset ALT elevation. In 54 (53%), this could be linked to an alternate aetiology. Among those with idiopathic ALT elevations, the median time to ALT elevation from anti-TNF initiation was 18 weeks and median peak ALT was 96 U/L. Six underwent liver biopsy, all demonstrating hepatitis with autoimmune features. Compared to controls, cases were on a lower dose of infliximab (5.7 vs. 6.7 mg/kg, P = 0.02) but were otherwise similar in body mass index, sex and age. On follow-up, 34 continued the anti-TNF, 14 stopped therapy and 4 initiated steroids. Most (85%) normalised their LFTs after a median of 17 weeks including 28 (82%) of those who continued anti-TNF therapy. Ten patients were transitioned to a second anti-TNF without recurrence. CONCLUSIONS:ALT elevations occurred in 6% of IBD patients initiating anti-TNF therapy. Most idiopathic elevations were mild, transient and resolved despite therapy continuation.


Aliment Pharmacol Ther


Shelton E,Chaudrey K,Sauk J,Khalili H,Masia R,Nguyen DD,Yajnik V,Ananthakrishnan AN




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