Bio-Decolorization of Synthetic Dyes by a Halophilic Bacterium Salinivibrio sp.


:Synthetic dyes, extensively used in various industries, act as pollutants in the aquatic environment, and pose a significant threat to living beings. In the present study, we assessed the potential of a halophilic bacterium Salinivibrio kushneri HTSP isolated from a saltpan for decolorization and bioremediation of synthetic dyes. The genomic assessment of this strain revealed the presence of genes encoding the enzymes involved in decolorization mechanisms including FMN-dependent NADH azoreductase Clade III, which cleave the azo bond of the dye, and the enzymes involved in deamination and isomerization of intermediate compounds. The dye decolorization assay was performed using this bacterial strain on three water-soluble dyes in different concentrations: Coomassie brilliant blue (CBB) G-250 (500-3,000 mg/L), Safranin, and Congo red (50-800 mg/L). Within 48 h, more than 80% of decolorization was observed in all tested concentrations of CBB G-250 and Congo red dyes. The rate of decolorization was the highest for Congo red followed by CBB G-250 and then Safranin. Using UV-Visible spectrometer and Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analysis, peaks were observed in the colored and decolorized solutions. The results indicated a breakdown of dyes upon decolorization, as some peaks were shifted and lost for different vibrations of aromatic rings, aliphatic groups (-CH2, -CH3) and functional groups (-NH, -SO3H, and -SO3-) in decolorized solutions. This study has shown the potential of S. kushneri HTSP to decolorize dyes in higher concentrations at a faster pace than previously reported bacterial strains. Thus, we propose that our isolated strain can be utilized as a potential dye decolorizer and biodegradative for wastewater treatment.


Front Microbiol


John J,Dineshram R,Hemalatha KR,Dhassiah MP,Gopal D,Kumar A




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2020-12-21 00:00:00








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