Colorectal Cancer Cells Enter a Diapause-like DTP State to Survive Chemotherapy.


:Cancer cells enter a reversible drug-tolerant persister (DTP) state to evade death from chemotherapy and targeted agents. It is increasingly appreciated that DTPs are important drivers of therapy failure and tumor relapse. We combined cellular barcoding and mathematical modeling in patient-derived colorectal cancer models to identify and characterize DTPs in response to chemotherapy. Barcode analysis revealed no loss of clonal complexity of tumors that entered the DTP state and recurred following treatment cessation. Our data fit a mathematical model where all cancer cells, and not a small subpopulation, possess an equipotent capacity to become DTPs. Mechanistically, we determined that DTPs display remarkable transcriptional and functional similarities to diapause, a reversible state of suspended embryonic development triggered by unfavorable environmental conditions. Our study provides insight into how cancer cells use a developmentally conserved mechanism to drive the DTP state, pointing to novel therapeutic opportunities to target DTPs.






Rehman SK,Haynes J,Collignon E,Brown KR,Wang Y,Nixon AML,Bruce JP,Wintersinger JA,Singh Mer A,Lo EBL,Leung C,Lima-Fernandes E,Pedley NM,Soares F,McGibbon S,He HH,Pollet A,Pugh TJ,Haibe-Kains B,Morris Q,Ramalho-San




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    abstract::Specific active transcription units on chromosome IV in the salivary glands of Chironomus tentans have been visualized by the Miller spreading technique and in situ by conventional electron microscopy. These units are likely to be located in the two most conspicuous puffs on chromosome IV, Balbiani ring 1 (BR 1) and B...


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